“I am Special. I am Me!” by KGB

f4iamd”I am special,as special as can be;

No one in the world is just like me!”

This week Kindergarten B have been learning about all the different ways we unique and special, as well as what it means to be part of a family.

Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed together:

1, We made little mirrors and drew pictures of ourselves looking in the mirror.

2, We did a science test using magnifying glasses to check out our unique fingerprints.

3, We talked about our families and different types of family, we drew some of our family members.

4, We looked very closely at our special friend sitting next to us at school and discussed how we are different from each other.

5, We read a lovely story – “I’m special, I’m me,”

by Sarah Massini & Ann Meek.

“I am different, I am unique,

In the way I laugh and speak.

My ears, my eyes and my nose,

from my hair down to my toes,

I am SPECIAL, yes sirree,

Proud and happy to be me!”