Artzone Fun by Form One

On Friday 8th January, Liam from Artzone came to our school to help us make polar bears out of clay.

First we had to make the base. This involved lots of banging! Liam helped us by rolling the clay out with a rolling pin. Then we cut the base into a sort of semi-circle. Next we made the head with an extra piece of clay which we made into a pancake shape. Liam showed us how to join the head onto the base so that it wouldn’t fall off. Then we joined on some ears, the nose, eyes and shoulders before we drew on the mouth with a clay tool.

Finally, we had to decide whether we were making a polar bear or a brown bear. The children who made a polar bear, used the end of a pencil to make snow in the background. The others used a clay tool to draw leaves and berries in the background.

Now that the clay is dry, we are going to paint them and you will be able to view our amazing art at the exhibition in June!