Papier-maché bowls by Form Five

In Form Five we have been busy over the past couple of weeks making papier-maché bowls.

The first step in the process was to shred a lot of waste paper – this job was great fun. Then the shredded paper was soaked overnight until it became mushy. The mush was then liquidised with a stick blender which turned it into a very liquid mush which had to be drained a little – but not too much. PVA glue was then added and finally the mixture was ready.

Turning the papier-maché into bowls was easy. We each used a bowl lined with cling film as a mould and built the new bowl inside it, taking care to dry out the mush as much as possible with a cloth.

The bowls are now drying out on our radiator.

Soon we will paint them and if you want to see our beautiful finished products, come visit Form Five on Exhibition Day.