New Playground Surface – Fun for All!

Having spoken with the children in Assembly before Easter about a “surprise” for them on our return, today it was finally time for the “big reveal!”

The children were very pleased to discover that over the holidays our entire back garden had been re-surfaced with a lovely black-flecked, safe, smooth, protective soft covering. There are no longer any areas of concrete left, as the new surface provides protection on every part of the playground, including the raised areas around the tree planted by President McAleese as wellas the far corner where more trees are located.

After Assembly all the classes, including Kindergarten A and B, accompanied by all their teachers, enjoyed a few minutes play together. A new giant snake and a hopscotch design were particularly popular amongst a number of new decorative features, which are embedded in the surface rather than just painted on top.

We are all delighted with this fantastic enhancement of the fabric of the school which we hope will provide many years of safe play for many children into the future.