Thirteen Chicks born in RJS!!

This week marked a wonderful record-breaking success with the latest round of egg incubation in Form Six.

Just over three weeks ago 14 hens’ eggs went into our incubator, with all our fingers crossed for the arrival of lots of fluffy chicks 21 days later.

On Monday 25th April signs of our first impending arrival could be seen with a large hole in Vanessa Chick’s shell. By Tuesday morning four chicks had hatched, with another EIGHT arriving by the following morning!! Our last chick, Cornelius Spellbound Kane, was encouraged out of his shell by Patrick late on Wednesday morning.

Today the whole school met our 13 chicks at Assembly, with all classes visiting the maternity wing, set up in Form Five, during the day.

We are once again very grateful to Luki, Patrick and their family for bringing in the eggs and taking the chicks home to the farm in Edmondstown.

We wish all our chicks a happy life as they chirp us “goodbye” later today and we look forward to seeing them for a return visit at some point later in the term.