Sunshine & Smiles at Senior Sports

A glorious afternoon of sunshine graced this year’s Senior Sports Day at Terenure Sports Club, where all our classes from Forms Three to Six gathered to enjoy a fun afternoon together. As usual the Games staff ran a very tight ship, with all four classes running through the programme at a rate of knots. There was a wide mix of races, including 100m, 300m, egg and spoon, sack and wheelbarrow races, the “marathon”, clann relays and our final clann race, complete with washing line, tea towels and socks!

After an hour and half of cheering each other on, supported by a great turnout of parents, our three clanns lined up for Mrs. Silke’s speech and presentation. This year’s Clann Shield winners were Gorm with a total of 102 points.

Many congratulations to every single one of our children for taking part, showing such great sportsmanship and enjoying the afternoon in the right spirit. Thanks also to our staff, Games staff and all the parents who leant their support, not least the parents who organised the greatly appreciated ice creams before we took our leave for another year.