Fantastic Form Six’s “At Home”

Form Six and their parents enjoyed a very special evening together last night at their end of year “At Home” performance. The night was a true celebration of all the individual and collective talents of our oldest class, who will be bidding us farewell in just a few weeks.

This year Form Six worked so hard together, with great enthusiasm, to produce a wonderful range of entertainment. Individual musical performances included solos on guitar, piano, harp, flute and drums. There were also ensembles, including performances of “Wonderwall” by four boys on guitar and drums; and Adele’s “Hello” by three girls on piano, guitar and vocals.

We enjoyed five comedy sketches, including the Two Ronnies’ classics “Four Candles” and “Mastermind”, UK Sketch Show’s “Phobia Workshop” and “Airline Pilot” by Monty Python. In addition there were poetry recitals, whole class songs and a body percussion; as well as a dance tby all the girls to “Lush Life” and a spectacular synchronised swimming performance by the boys!

The night was a powerful mix of emotion for everyone involved: parents, staff and, of course, the children themselves, of whom we are so immensely proud – well done, Form Six!!