Form Six – The Legendary Stools!!

On Friday 2nd September, our second day in Form Six, we started our first handwork project – the legendary stools!

It all started with a demonstration from Mr. Adair. First we built the frame and found the colour of yarn that had we chosen last year. We had to put a nail into the frame to attach the string. Then we started weaving our ‘diddly dees” (short lengths across the frame) and “diddly dos” (long lengths). We had to keep the tension tight and try to do everything in the correct order.

After three days we finally started weaving the second colour and the stools started to take shape. The second colour proved a lot more difficult and we dreaded making a mistake for fear that we would have to undo any of our hard work in order to correct it.

Towards the end our fingers really started to hurt, but the end was in sight. It was all worth it because they turned out gorgeous and we beat the record – just six days from start to finish!