Form Two’s Performance Poetry

We have been learning about performance poetry in Form Two over the past few weeks. This form of poetry focuses on poems being enacted to an audience. Performers usually vary their tone of voice, pace and volume, in addition to using facial expressions and actions to enhance the overall performance of the poem.

We looked closely at different poems written by Michael Rosen. He is an English children’s poet and the author of 140 books. He mainly writes about real-life experiences incorporating lots of humour for effect.

Fortunately, we got an opportunity to perform one of his famous poems, ‘Strict,’ for our class assembly this week. The poem is about a teacher who is extremely stern towards the pupils in her class, so much so that she sends them to the school prison for breathing too loudly! We had lots of fun performing this poem to the staff and other children at school.

We hope you enjoy reading our news this week.

By Form Two.

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