Kindergarten A – From Seed to Pumpkin!

This week in Kindergarten A we learned about pumpkins. The life cycle of a pumpkin shows us that pumpkins come from the pumpkin seed. The pumpkin seed is planted in the ground. With sunlight and water a sprout will show, next vines will grow, followed by a yellow flower. The yellow flower will turn into a green pumpkin and finally an orange pumpkin.


Our class got a real pumpkin to examine. We thought it was smooth, cold and heavy but we managed to pass the pumpkin around our circle.


Ms. Flaherty used a sharp knife to cut open the top of the pumpkin. We scooped out all the insides with our hands. It felt wet, slippery and slimy. Some of us liked the feeling and some others weren’t too sure!

As we scooped we sorted the pumpkin into the different parts; skin, stem, pulp and seeds.


We really enjoyed examining our pumpkin and decided to call him “Charmander the Pumpkin”. We put candles in him, turned off our lights and watched him glow. We each took some pumpkin seeds home to plant to see if we can grow our own pumpkin. We hope we have taught you something new about pumpkins.


Happy Halloween from Kindergarten A!