A Person Who Has Made a Difference – Form Five

In October in History class Form Five studied the lives of Rosa Parkes and Nelson Mandela, two people whose actions made a huge difference to the lives of those around them.

Mrs. Derham then set each of us a task – to select a person whom we felt had made a difference in the lives of others and over a few weeks look at their lives and select some facts to display as a simple project. The characters selected were very varied, ranging from extremely well known figures like Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. to one person whom no one in the class, even Mrs. Derham, had ever heard of before, called Elizabeth Svensden.


Although each project was on exactly the same sized sheet of paper it was interesting to see how varied they were. Some people were able to fit in an awful lot of information, others found very attractive photos or presented the information in an unusual way.

This week we each had to present our character to the class, explain why we had chosen them and tell a little about the difference each had made during his or her lifetime.

The projects are now on display in our classroom.