Form Four loves Science!

Form 4 Goo

Recently, in Science class, Form Four have been investigating with the changing properties of materials and how they react with one another. The idea that we could create our own slime in class was very attractive. It only takes a few minutes and a few ingredients to make a batch.

The materials needed were water, glue, Borax and food colouring, most of which are readily available. We had to take particular note to mix the water, glue and the colouring first. The Borax had to be added to the first solution separately afterwards. If all the contents were combined together they had a different consistency. However, when combined in the right order, the slime starts to form once it is kneaded in your hands.

Our second experiment used two basic liquids to produced solid plastic! The pupils noticed the immediate effect a spoonful of vinegar when it was combined with warm milk. The acid in the vinegar caused the milk to coagulate. This mixture was poured through a strainer, shaped in moulds and finally, air-dried.

Form Four really enjoyed these unexpected results, using very few materials! We shared our findings with the rest of school as part of our Class Assembly.

Form 4 Goo