“Snow White” report by Form Two


We’ve had an extremely busy, exciting week in Form Two.  On Wednesday we performed the dress rehearsal of our play to the rest of the staff and children, Roald Dahl’s version of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.  We had lots of fun performing for everyone and it was a great opportunity for us to practise for our final performance to our parents and family members the following afternoon.

On Thursday afternoon, our final performance took place.  Although we were extremely nervous to begin with, we put on a really exciting show for everyone once we were on stage. We really enjoyed performing this slightly different, humorous version of the play.  Roald Dahl’s version involves seven ex-jockeys who need the help of Snow White to get themselves out of trouble, as a result of, their silly habit while at the horse races. With the magical mirror’s help, Snow White rescues the seven ex-jockeys from their plight and they all have a great celebration during the finale.

We hope all the audience enjoyed watching our play as much as we enjoyed performing it for them.  We can’t wait to watch the rest of the Christmas plays next week.

By Form Two.