“Happy Chinese New Year!” from KGA

This week in Kindergarten A we have been learning about Chinese New Year. This celebration begins according to The Lunar Calendar.  This year it begins on Saturday 28th January and lasts for fifteen days.

During the celebrations families get together and remember the year that has passed and look forward to the new year ahead.  Many people in China will take part in parades and fireworks will fill the skies.  The colour red and dragons are a big feature of the parade. We designed our own dragon masks and had great fun pretending to be a big dragon stomping around and roaring in our gym.

kga chinese new year

Also this week in PE we used the parachute to bounce around some worms, blue worm was the winner!

We finished PE with our favourite game, ‘The Hibernation Game’.  We enjoyed pretending to be many of the animals who hibernate.  When the lights were off the animals were fast asleep (some snoring), but as soon as the lights came on we were awake and ready to explore. The waking snakes and bears were our favourites, as we got to roar so loudly and slither about!

kga chinese new year1 (1)