Healthy Eating Fun in RJS by Form Two

This week we have been thinking a lot about the food we eat and how we can improve our diet in preparation for our annual Healthy Eating Day.  This was held on Thursday, 9th of March at school.

Mr. Adair started the day off by sharing ten interesting facts regarding food during assembly.  We all thoroughly enjoyed this as some of the facts were quite unusual!  Did you know that it takes our brains up to twenty minutes before it realises that we are full?!


Afterwards we had a discussion in class about healthy eating.  We examined the ‘eatwell’ plate which details the recommended balance of foods in the diet.  The ‘eatwell’ plate is based on five food groups which include carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy foods, meat and the sugar group.  Our teacher spoke about the proportion sizes suggested for a nutritious, balanced diet.  We all agreed to make a more conscious effort to eat from a range of the food groups in future despite favouring the sugar group the most!  For homework, we were asked to design a healthy eating plate by carefully selecting various delicious foods from each of the food groups.

During break time, we spoke about the healthy snacks our parents had packed in our lunch boxes for the day.  Miss McWade took some photographs of our healthy snacks which you can view here in the collages with some of the other activities enjoyed by the other classes.  Form Six performed their healthy eating assembly for KGA and KGB, KGB made fruit kebabs, Form Five made delicious hummus and every class shared lots of other interesting activities and delicious healthy treats – as you can see!

We will aim to eat a more balanced diet and exercise lots, so that we can feel as best as possible and a lot more energised.

We hope you enjoy reading our news.

By Form Two.