Acrostic Poetry by Form Two

This week in Form Two we have been learning about acrostic poems. We learned that acrostics are fun poems that anyone can write. All you need to do is choose a word or phrase, write it down the side of your page and use each letter at the start of the line to develop your poem. It is a good idea to capitalise the letters at the side of your page so they stand out. We designed our letters with colour and shape. Acrostic poems don’t need to rhyme or have rhythm and each line can be as short or as long as you like. Here’s one we found about Santa.


By Kaitlyn Guenther

Santa Claus will come out tonight

And deliver presents.

Near the

Time of midnight you can hear him

And what you will hear are the words “ho, ho, ho”

We have also been learning about “us” and how special we are, so we decided to write acrostic poems about ourselves. We really enjoyed thinking of words and phrases to describe ourselves. We helped each other if we got stuck along the way. We found that sometimes a friend can see something in you that you didn’t see yourself. Thank you for reading our piece.

by Form Two.IMG_7858-COLLAGE (1)