‘Families’ by Kindergarten A

We have been learning all about families in Kindergarten A…both animal families and human families. We enjoyed learning about baby animals and we had a game to see how many of their names we knew. The funniest one we learnt was that baby rabbits are called kittens…many of us thought they were called bunnies!

We had our first VIP visit of the week when Rhys’ furry brother ‘Bear’ came to visit. Bear is a Bulldog and he is fourteen weeks old. He was really well behaved when he visited and had a good sniff around our classroom. We all thought he was so, so cute!

We also enjoyed talking about our own families and the relationships we have with our extended families, both those who live in Ireland and those who live in other counties and countries. We all agreed that our families are very special and unique. We brought in photos of our families and loved showing them to our friends during “show and tell.”

We were very lucky to have another VIP visit to our classroom, when ‘Baby Clare’, Gavin’s sister came to visit. We had to be extra quiet and use our listening ears and whispering voices so as not to give her a fright. Gavin was a very proud big brother and he did such a great job answering the many curious questions his friends asked. He told us all about being a big brother and how to care for a baby. We all think Clare is very lucky to have such a fantastic big brother!