March Madness in KGA

March has been a hectic month in Kindergarten A and we have had lots of fun. First came the snow and we were very excited when we returned after the snow days to see some snow still in the garden.

Form 6 were very kind to bring their newly hatched ducklings to our class for a visit. We had to be very quiet as we know ducklings have tiny ears. We all got a chance to pet them and agreed they were really cute and fluffy.

Then it was down to business getting our ‘Top Secret’ surprises ready for our mums for Mother’s Day. We made candle holders, painted some beautiful art and planted Freesia bulbs, which we look forward to watching grow at home.

Maidin na Gaeilge arrived and we really enjoyed singing Rolaí Polaí and Huggy Bear for the rest of the school in the gym. We loved watching all the other classes too…the fashion show was our favourite. We made lucky leprechaun hats and we even had a visit from a leprechaun, who left lots of chocolate coins for us!

Finally, it was straight into preparing for Easter. We made cute Easter bunnies and cool marble painted Easter eggs. We had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and even saw some bunny footprints…how mysterious!!

Happy Easter from everyone in KGA!