Butterfly Update from KGA

Day 20 in the Butterfly House and our ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies started to emerge from their chrysalides. They decided that the heatwave and the peace and quiet over the bank holiday weekend would be a good time to break free! When we came back to school after the weekend we were amazed to see three of our butterflies flying around their butterfly house and the fourth emerge during school. We put in oranges for them to eat and watched as they flapped their beautiful wings. We learned that their tongue is called a proboscis and we used a magnifying glass to look at it up close. Finally, the time came to release the butterflies so we all put on our butterfly masks and brought them outside to the school garden. They were a little reluctant to leave at first but with some gentle encouragement, they soon took flight. We loved caring for Daisy, Bob, Angel, X and Cherry and watching them transform from tiny caterpillars to amazing butterflies.