A Very Busy Week in Form Two!

Form Two have had a busy week! We were asked to perform “The Cat Came Back” at Assembly on Wednesday morning. We thought it went really well and everyone enjoyed singing along.

We also – kindly assisted by Form Six – made our Halloween Witches that now greet everyone entering through the front door of the school.

We have also been busy learning about the deeds of Fionn Mac Cumhaill; painting pictures and listening to the stories of his amazing life. We found the story of The Giants Causeway very exciting and loved the way Fionn tricked Angus by dressing up as a baby. We also heard how Fionn got wisdom from The Salmon of Knowledge and how he ended up becoming the leader of the Fianna by defeating the fire breathing monster Aillen.

Altogether we had a very busy and enjoyable time together at the end of our first month in Form Two.