The Copper Collection

This week, in Form Five, we have been busy counting all of the copper coins that have been generously donated by children and their families from all classes of the school.

We spent ages counting out the coins, first dividing them in to €1 piles and then adding it to our tally chart. After many hours we finally finished our counting and added up all of our tallies to provide us with a combined total.

All of the counting made us wonder why we use copper coins. This led us to research how copper coins, and all money, entered daily use in countries across the world. We presented our findings in assembly on Wednesday in front of the school. We found out some really interesting facts such as:

coins have been used since the 6th Century B.C.

copper was chosen for the base metal of modern coins due to its hard wearing nature

50c coins are made up of 89% copper.

It was a lot of fun counting the coins and the school managed to raise €804.82 to add to the total that will be given over to The Peter McVerry Trust, making a total of well over €2400!

Thank you all for all of your help in making this possible.

By Form Five.