Eggs-ellent Eggs-travaganza in Form Six!!!

This week Form Six enjoyed taking part in the first of our sessions in the “Cooking All Stars” programme.  The school received a lot of new cooking equipment free from Supervalu, who sponsor this initiative, which includes two portable electric cooking hobs, 12 large mixing bowls, two saucepans and frying pans, chopping boards, hot plates, spoons, spatulas, cutlery, a safety knife and more.

Although a lot of the class are already enthusiastic cooks, and especially fond of baking, not everyone is equally confident and knowledgeable about how to cook and how to be safe in the kitchen.  We discussed a lot of rules regarding food hygiene and safety before we started; everyone must have listened carefully as we were all ultra safe and helped each other out with no drama.

‘Cooking All Stars” introduces different ingredients and skills through different dishes.  This week our ‘hero ingredient’ was eggs.  We learnt that eggs are full of protein as well as Vitamins A, B, D and E.  Our ‘key skill’ that we focused on was whisking, so our dish was scrambled eggs, served with hot buttered toast.

Throughout the morning four members of Form Six took turns to prepare, cook, clean up and eat our own meal!  We had a few mishaps, like the salt cellar emptying into one person’s egg mix, as well as the challenge of washing up in a small sink; but the results were worth it.  Quite a few people brought in some additional ingredients to add a twist to the dish, ranging from ham, to cheese and even chilli flakes.  In fact most people included a light sprinkle of chilli flakes which were a surprisingly successful addition.

As well as cooking for ourselves, Form Six served up their finest fare for a number of staff, who were very appreciative and egg-stremely complimentary!  It was a really fun day, although the classroom got very hot; but we are all looking forward to cooking some different dishes and learning some more skills later in the term.