Pollution Monitoring Experiment

Form 5 were lucky enough to be selected by the Globe Program to take part in a European wide experiment.

The experiment, in association with the Environmental Protection Agency, involved 33 schools across Ireland and many other schools in 12 different countries across Europe. Form 5 were asked to set up 3 monitoring stations, using diffusion tubes, at various sites around the school buildings. These tubes were left on site for a month to monitor levels of pollution in the air before being taken down and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Form 5 also had to take a daily weather report as the weather conditions could cause some anomalies in the results. We also presented our experiment to the rest of the school during our class assembly.

The data that we collected will all be collated and be added to a report about the changing levels of pollution across Europe. We cannot wait for the results and we feel immensely proud that we have been part of such an important study.

Form Five.