Bee Aware by Form Three

On Tuesday morning a lovely lady called Amanda from Bee Aware came into our classroom. She talked about the importance of bees. It was very interesting.

Did you know that every hive has a Queen Bee? It also has worker bees and they have jobs to do just like people – nurses, guards, builders and lots more. The worker bees are all female and they are the only bees that sting. The drones are the male bees and they protect the Queen. The Queen has a very important role, she lays all the eggs in the hive, up 2000 a day and she is the boss!

An interesting fact is that if a hornet is coming to attack the nest all of the worker bees come out of the nest and guard it. Bees collect pollen and they spread it around as they travel. We saw a video of a bee hive, we could see it but in real life it is so dark and the bees communicate to each other using a ‘Waggle Dance’. It’s a very clever dance, it tells other bees where the best pollen is.

We played a really fun game where we had to guess if it was a bee or not. Then we thought our time with Amanda was over, but it wasn’t we went outside and planted some plants like, strawberries, mint, sage and marigolds and then we went on a scavenger hunt to find ‘bee-friendly’ plants and tree.

We would definitely recommend Amanda if you want to learn about bees. We all had a great time.

By Form Three