We’ve been Weaving!

Each year Form Six have the special tradition of weaving stools. We started our stools on the second day of school. We thought the first layer was easy, but we had to make sure we had a tight tension. The pattern was two wraps and four strands and if we made any mistakes we had to start over.

The second layer was much harder. The pattern was the same, but this time we had to go over and under our first layer. At times we found this part very sore on our fingers and took some time to get through it. We had the previous years’ record on our mind.

As the days and hours passed, we could feel our stool journey coming to a close. We helped each other to stay on target for the record. We were delighted to beat the record and even got to bring our stools to assembly the very next morning. The new official record is……… eight days! We can’t wait to bring them home and sit on them!

By: Form Six