Centenary Children’s Party

29th September 2019


On Sunday morning, members of the Parents’ Committee rose early and headed into school to begin preparations for the children’s party. The long-awaited day had finally arrived. By 2 pm everything was ready. The hamburger stalls were cooking up a storm with delicious aromas wafting around the garden. Fairy lights added a twinkle to the atmosphere and the three food and drink stands looked incredible. Joe Daly was setting up his magic show and lively music had everyone dancing around in anticipation for the children to arrive. Everyone looked at each other and gave a sigh. It was all perfect!

Then…. POOF! The mains power went. The food grills went off. The fairy lights were gone. The lights in the school were off and worst of all, the house alarm started blaring. Mrs. Glass and I tried all the codes we had. Kevin and a few dads were running around trying to figure out why no fuses had been tripped yet the power was still gone. Then along came Eliza-Kate and Charlotte’s Uncle Eddie to save the day. He got the power back on and the alarm off. The kitchen was functioning at almost full capacity and everything was back on track, despite the mums having to boil the kettles in a neighbour’s house!

Nothing could take away from the electric atmosphere of the day. The children and parents were riveted by Joe’s magic. Form 6 were brilliant at helping the younger children, doing face painting, playing the oversized Connect4, Snakes & Ladders and giant Lego, and the parents were enjoying the rays of sunshine, good food, and drinks in the garden. In every corner children’s laughter could be heard, their smiling faces beamed with excitement and the entire school community embraced the day.

As you all know, Rathgar Junior School holds many different fundraising activities throughout the year, and over the past two years, funds have been put aside especially for this special day. Last year, apart from the charity-specific events, all fundraising activities raised money to give something back to the children of RJS. It was a day for the boys and girls to celebrate the school’s special birthday. In addition to Joe and the amazing hamburger van, children and parents brought cakes, biscuits and other goodies to share with their friends. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I was so moved by the kindness, generosity and community spirit shown on Sunday. Everything and everyone came together to make the most memorable birthday party the school has ever seen.

I would like to thank everyone for the part they played, especially our amazing Parents’ Committee, whose tireless efforts and organisational skills are nothing short of incredible. I would like to thank Noreen and Kevin for working so hard on making the school look so well for its 100th year. As I already mentioned, our Form 6 boys and girls took their responsibilities for the day very seriously and made us all extremely proud. Finally, I would like to thank our children, parents, and staff for your continued support of RJS and everything we stand for. We are privileged to play such an important part in children’s lives and will continue to cherish the memories we make together.


Brigid-Rose Kalisa, Principal