AIJS Verse Speaking Competition

On Wednesday 27th November eight people from Rathgar Junior School went to Loreto College Junior School in town to the AIJS Verse Speaking Competition. Alex-Anne and Clodagh from Form Six, Abbie and Ruairi from Form Five, Maud, Hugo and Ella from Form Four and Coco from Form Three all went. We left school at 12:00, took Dublin Bus and arrived at about 12:45. We went into a big hall and waited for the competition to start.

The 3rd and 4th class went first and the 5th and 6th class went second. When we were called we stood up in front of the judge and said our poem. Everyone was really good. After we finished the judge gave us great comments, saying that we were; “extraordinary, demonstrated great courage and gave phenomenal performances.” Everyone did really well and we thought it was a lot of fun.

By Alex-Anne and Clodagh