Form 2 Library Trip and Art Zone

On Tuesday the 17th of December Form 2 went to Rathmines Library. First, we met Amy the librarian and she explained that we were going to do a quiz. We got paired up in twos or threes and had to find the index number of different books in the children’s section. We had to write the author’s names in alphabetical order. We got our own library cards and were able to pick a book to bring home. It was a great trip!

On the 21st of January, we had a visit from Deirdre from Art Zone. We made clay fish. We wrapped clay snakes around a ball of newspaper. We used another piece of flat clay to cover the top. We blended the clay together and smoothed it out with a bit of water. We attached fins and made scales using a straw. It was quite challenging but we were delighted with how well they turned out. We all had great fun making our fish.