Form Six Elections 2020

This week Form Six decided to have a class election. We had five different parties all with the same goal, to be number one. On Thursday, we held a debate in class, where we presented our plans for some future changes for Form Six. The ideas differed from party to party but it was also interesting to see that quite a lot of parties wanted similar things. Ensuring RJS was doing its best for our environment was a very important topic raised and shared by the candidates. On Thursday afternoon we cast our votes on our individual ballot paper. It was a close election but we did find our number one. The No Labour Party won the Form Six Election 2020 and they are all set to get their plan into action on Tuesday after the midterm. Congratulations to all the parties who took part; People before Homework, Fianna Fun, Fianna Javi and The above Average Joes. We all feel our class election was a worthwhile experience and look forward to the rest of our year in RJS.