Centenary Exhibition

On the 12th of February 2020, between 6-8 pm, children excitedly led their parents through the basement doors into our gym where their centenary projects were displayed for all to see. Each class chose their own project looking at RJS and an aspect of school life over the past 100 years. Classes mounted their projects on large display boards and Form 5 made a film that was projected on the big screen throughout the evening for guests to see. Tables were set up displaying artifacts from day one, when the school became a Limited company and included books, old letters, and paperwork, a register of pupils from the very start, School Prospectus from years past, old stories and textbooks used by children, photo albums, cookery books, to name a few.
We were delighted to welcome Mr. George Walsh, the artist who was commissioned by the Parents’ Committee to do our beautiful stained glass window. Naomi Mooney, Chair of the PC, gave a touching speech and presented a framed description of the window to the school for us to refer to. A copy of this is on our page below. I was delighted to be able to thank the Parents’ Committee, all our families and George for such a beautiful piece of history to add to our school building. George was delighted to see his piece in situ and to speak to parents about his work. I was fascinated to hear that his wife worked in RJS for a short period of time some years ago! It is such a small world.
This was such a wonderful event for parents and children and we have decided to display this exhibition once again for those who missed it, at our end of year exhibition on the 8th June. We also hope that those who will not be able to join us on the 23rd April at the Gala Dinner, will come and see first hand the wonderful experiences the children have had, to see how the school may have changed or stayed the same, to speak to staff and children and to see how the wonderful legacy started by Isabel Douglas is as vibrant today as it was 100 years ago.
Thank you all for your continued support and active engagement in your children’s education.
Brigid-Rose Kalisa
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