Form 4 Art

Since we started back at school, we have been doing lots of art work. We would like to tell you about
some of our projects:
We made 3D hands by drawing around our hands and used straight and curved lines to create the
3D effect. We made wonderful giraffe collages using paper, matchsticks, gemstones, sequins,
feathers and more. I think you’ll agree each one has their own individual personality. We were
learning about trees in Geography and continued this topic in our art lessons. We made autumn leaf
wreathes and also made leaf line drawings with intricate patterns. In one lesson we were looking at
art work using chalk. We chose a swan and created our own versions. They all look absolutely
stunning! Lately we have been doing Halloween art. We have been using our cutting skills to make
symmetrical pumpkins using black and orange card. We have also made some Halloween masks. We
coloured them in and decorated them using glitter glue, sequins and gems. We also drew haunted
houses and added individual details. We coloured the details using oil pastels and painted the
pictures using water colours.
We hope you enjoy looking at our art.