Form Four have been getting very creative with a range of Christmas arts and craft activities.
First We copied the shape of the elves off the board, then coloured them with bight colours and all added different details to the give them their own individual personalities.
Then we folded green paper and cut little strips in it. We folded the strips to make a tree shape. We decorated them differently with all sorts of craft materials.
For the wreath, we took a circle of foam and decorated it with candy canes, ornaments, presents and all sorts of other Christmas decorations.
Next we sketched reindeer and tree pictures, cut them out and made a snowy background.
We took a cut out frame for the stained glass windows, we cut out brightly coloured cellophane and stuck them on. They had to be exactly the right shape and size. It was quite difficult but now they are handing up, we think they look great. If you look up at our windows, you will see them.
Form Four