Cooking All Stars

Form Four have been following the ‘Cooking All Stars’ programme. It is a primary school cooking programme, designed to introduce pupils to the knowledge and skills they need to get cooking and love good , healthy food.
So far we have learned about and cooked scrambled eggs on toast and cheese quesadillas. This week it will be fried banana and then finally granola.
The children said:
“I like how we learn new things about food and I will be able to cook for my family.” – Chloe
I liked cooking the food and also seeing how other people did theirs” – Max
“I liked following the recipe. Eating it was my favourite part.”  – Xander
“I liked how easy the recipes were.” – Christopher
“It is tasty and very good for you. I like that it is healthy for you and it tastes good.” – Hugo
“I liked cooking the food so it can help us to cook for our children when we’re older.” – Roan
“I thought it was relaxing and it’s like science. You can add different things to make it taste better” – Jessica
“I like how you get to try new things.” – Megan