News From Form 2

It has been a busy few weeks in Form 2.

In P.E. we have started learning the Jerusalema Dance with Form 6. It was great fun and we really enjoyed being taught by Form 6.

We had a visit from Art Zone where we got to make clay dogs. We used different techniques to make ears, mouth, eyes and nose. When it was dry we painted it. They turned out great. We also made beautiful ice-pop pictures with Mr. Jensen and Kate. We made the ice-pops by mixing primary coloured inks and the backgrounds were made by mixing contrasting crayon textures and ink.

We have been following the Perseverance mission on Mars with great interest. In English class we wrote stories about what it would be like if we were the first people to go to Mars. We wrote drafts and worked hard to improve our work. Some amazing adventures were written and we really enjoyed creating our stories.

Monday 10th of May we had a visit from Garda Ciara and Garda Martin from Rathmines Garda Station. It was really interesting to learn about all their vehicles and we also got to see what they carry in their utility belt. They showed us their handcuffs, bat, flashlight and pepper spray. They told us about all the different things the Guards do to help us in our community. It was a great visit.