Covid-19 Information

The following documents have been formulated with staff in response to guidelines received to date. Policies and practices will be monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that the school adheres to the most current and up to date information.

All staff members have completed Pre-return to work Covid-19 Training. All teachers, the manager and assistant manager of Kids Club completed First Aid Training on the 31st August 2020, which included guidance on dealing with suspected cases of Covid-19. Brigid-Rose Kalisa (Principal) is the Lead Worker Representative and Charles Chambers (Deputy Principal) is the Deputy Lead Worker Representative.

We have endeavoured to keep as much ‘normality’ as possible for the children and to that end, we have worked with ancillary staff and put extra measures in place to make sure extra-curricular activities meet with health and safety guidelines. Hockey is going ahead. We have two double decker buses and a coach to ensure that children in Forms 3 to 6 can remain socially distanced on the bus. Masks are required on the bus only. Coaching groups are limited and in line with Three Rock Rovers guidelines. Instrumental lessons continue. Lego and Drama are going ahead in class groups or bubbles. Yoga is available online.  Swimming and choir will not go ahead at present.

Rathgar Junior School Covid-19 Policy Statement

Covid-19 Risk Assessment & Response Plan

Covid-19 Lockdown Contingency Plan

School Pathway for Covid-19, 24th August 2020

Government Advice on dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19

Nasal Flu Vaccine for Children – HSE

Information on Covid testing – Official Site

Supporting your child getting a Covid-19 test

“Close Contact” definition, issued  by the HSPC

Covid-19 Reliable Information Sources

Useful websites 
Many companies are now offering free access to their resources to support schools and families during this crisis. Resources will be added to this list from time to time.

General Children’s News (School Closure Packs for each class level)


English E-Books and Stories Reading Comprehension Strategies for all books/stories

Science/History/Geography STEM activities to do at home

Cosmic Yoga (YouTube)
Just Dance (YouTube)

Instead of having the news on in the background during the day, why not put on one of these suggestions and have a discussion with the children. I hope you enjoy these pieces!
Can they identify the instruments?
What animals may the instruments represent?
What is the mood of the piece? (Happy/Sad)

Carnival of the Animals:
Peter and the Wolf:
Swan Lake:
The Nutcracker:
Romantic Music
Louis Armstrong Greatest Hits
Benny Goodman
Buena Vista Social Club
Celtic Woman
Celtic Irish Harp Music
Best Movie Soundtracks

Handwashing Song


View the collections at the National Gallery of Ireland here.

Click here for links to museums giving virtual tours around the world!