Yoga and Movement

RJS Yoga & Movement Classes – Introduction

The RJS Yoga & Movement Classes will be run by Louise O’Donnell, a certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher. Louise also runs her own Yoga School called Happy Kids Yoga Ireland – see @happykidsyogaireland for more details.

Yoga is an ancient science that helps to create health and well-being by building self-awareness, strength and flexibility for the Mind & Body.

The Rainbow Kids yoga method teaches yoga in a fun way helping children to develop a variety of important skills in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. A Kids Yoga class is more active than an adult’s yoga class, to keep the children interested and engaged in the yoga poses. It also incorporates relaxation and gentle movements so the children leave the class feeling energised, stretched and calm.

In RJS, the Yoga & Movement classes will commence at 8am which is a perfect start to the school day. Yoga can be a great remedy for tension associated with daily stressors and helps children to maintain a positive mindset and be relaxed…all whilst having FUN!

Term 1: Tuesday 10th September – Thursday 25th October

In class, we will focus on learning the Core yoga poses and building them into different Yoga Flow Sequences or Salutations. We will also learn a lot of other fun yoga postures working on balance, flexibility and strength.

All yoga poses imitate nature, animals and the environment so we will draw on this and look for inspiration from the children who will help to craft the direction of the classes. Active participation and co-creation builds confidence, creativity and leadership skills but most of all it makes the classes more engaging for the children.

Children’s yoga often works in pairs and groups as it is more fun to do yoga Together! As the term progresses, we will also start to do some fun “Acro-Yoga” or flying yoga poses together in pairs or groups which the children love!

There will be a different Theme each week which will be posted on the blackboard by the gym. However, each individual class will differ in how the theme is taught so children attending 2 or more classes per week will benefit from learning new content in every class.

Some of the Core yoga poses that are used regularly throughout the classes are set out below so the children can get familiar with them and commence their “At-Home” practice! Yoga is even more fun to do Together so join in with them when you can especially with the Happy Kids Yoga variations

6 Core Poses – These can be practiced on their own or in order as a Yoga Flow Sequence

1. Mountain – Strength Pose

Stand tall, feet parallel, chest lifted.

Flex your toes up and hold the muscles of your legs, belly and chest tight so you feel Strong.

Ground your toes down and place your arms across your chest with palms together. >created by freepik

Happy Kids Yoga Variations:

How long can you stay still in this pose?

Close your eyes and try to maintain your balance – this is great for core strength (building strong

tummy muscles).

Try lifting 1 leg up high in the air and then the other with eyes closed. Don’t worry if you wobble

this is how you build up your core strength.

2. Lunge – Strength Pose

From Mountain pose, bend forwards to touch your toes.

Take one leg back stretching your toes out behind you.

Place both hands flat on the ground with the other leg in between your hands.

Keep your neck relaxed and in a comfortable position.

Happy Kids Yoga Variations:

Crescent Moon Place your back knee down on the ground, flatten your foot and lift your hands up high making a Half Moon shape

Coyote Stay in Crescent Moon and howl at the Moon

Rhino Place the palms of your hands together on your forehead in a Horn shape

3. Plank – Strength Pose

Tuck your back toes under on your straight leg and bring your other leg back so that both legs are straight together.

Keep your hands flat on the floor, directly under your shoulders.

Keep your toes tucked under and your whole body completely straight, from your heels to the top of your head. Stay strong in this pose for a few seconds. >created by freepik

Happy Kids Yoga Variations:

Stick your tongue in and out like a Lizard

Walk like a Lizard taking small steps with your toes and hands

Geckos have very sticky fingers & toes – try doing Gecko pose up against the wall!

4. Cobra – Stretching Pose

Come to lie on your belly, with hands flat on the floor under your shoulders.

Squeeze your legs together tightly to make one strong cobra body.

Push your hands into the floor and lift your head and chest up keeping your elbows slightly bent. Look forwards and up. > created by freepik

Happy Kids Yoga Variations:

Hiss like a snake

Look over your shoulder, turning your head to one side and then the other

To become a Rattlesnake place a rattle between your feet and shake it – try to raise your feet up

to towards your head.

5. Downward Dog – Stretching Pose

Lie back down on the mat, curl your toes under and lift your hips up and back as you push your body backwards.

Stretch your legs straight, heels down and look at the floor between your hands. > created by yanalya

Happy Kids Yoga Variations:

Zebra Close your eyes and imagine you have stripes like a zebra and push your hips up even higher.

Horse Kick 1 leg up in the air.

Donkey Kick 2 legs up in the air.

Dog Wag your tail and walk your dog.

6. Frog – Flexibility Pose

To get into the pose from Downward Dog, froggy jump your feet up to the top of mat.

Squat down, bend your knees and rest your hands on the floor between your feet or place your palms together.

Try to have your whole foot flat on the floor if you can. > created by yanalya

Happy Kids Yoga Variations:

Catch flies with your Frog tongue as you hold the pose.

Jump up high like a Frog and “Ribbit”!

Jump from Frog to Downward Dog and back to Frog again…and again!

…Then reach back up to Mountain Pose to repeat the sequence again – changing legs for Lunge pose.

For more information on Happy Kids Yoga classes please contact Louise directly on:

Phone: 087-9886379 Email:

and @happykidsyogaireland

Louise is also a qualified Health & Nutrition Coach offering individual consultations for adults and children so if you would like more information on this please email