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  • Winter Time in KGA
    22nd November 2019

    This week in Kindergarten A we were talking about wintertime and our favourite things about winter. We decided we loved lots of things about winter such as snow, snowflakes, snowmen, new hats, scarfs, and gloves. In the end, we decided our favourite thing about winter is yummy hot chocolate! We made hot chocolate pictures in ...

  • KGB: Volcano Science Activity
    21st November 2019

    This week as part of our science week, we made our very own volcanic eruption! We used washing up liquid, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring and water to make a chemical reaction. By mixing the acid and the alkali, bubble of carbon dioxide were released. We had lots of fun and look forward ...

  • Reading For Fun
    18th November 2019

    The juniors had brilliant fun today meeting Tilly (the dog) and Phil from Irish Therapy Dogs to take part in our ‘Reading For Fun’ programme. This will be a weekly event where all children will have the opportunity to have time with Tilly or Kola (on Thursdays) and spend some quality time reading together.

  • Leaf Rubbing – Form 1 Science
    6th November 2019

    In Science, we have been learning all about Irish trees, their leaves, and seeds. For homework a few weeks ago, we went on a search for different leaves. We brought them into school and this week we have been enjoying doing leaf rubbings with them. We were also feeling the leaves and their veins and ...

  • AIJS Soccer Champions
    15th October 2019

    A huge congratulations to both teams who played in the AIJS Soccer Tournament at the weekend. The boys, from Form 6 and Ruari (Form 5) played their hearts out against stiff competition and managed to come third overall which was an excellent result. The girls team, from Form 6 played amazingly and propelled themselves to victory ...

  • The Natural History Museum
    14th October 2019

    First, we caught the bus into town. When we got off we walked to the museum. We waited outside until they were ready for us. Then we met our guide Emma and went inside.   The first thing Emma talked about was the Giant Irish Deer. We learnt that they found them in a bog in Ireland ...

  • Glasnevin Cemetery
    3rd October 2019

    On Wednesday 2nd October Form 5 went on a trip to Glasnevin Cemetery. It was a beautiful, sunny day and when we arrived we were met by a guide called Bridget. She showed us around Daniel O’Connell’s tomb and we were able to touch his coffin for luck. She also told us about a bomb that ...

  • Centenary Children’s Party
    3rd October 2019

    29th September 2019   On Sunday morning, members of the Parents’ Committee rose early and headed into school to begin preparations for the children’s party. The long-awaited day had finally arrived. By 2 pm everything was ready. The hamburger stalls were cooking up a storm with delicious aromas wafting around the garden. Fairy lights added a twinkle ...

  • Bricks4Kidz Spooky Halloween Camp
    2nd October 2019

    Bricks4Kidz Spooky Halloween Camp Date: 29th October – 1st November 2019 Price: €110 Time: 10am – 2pm (early drop off from 9am/late collection until 3pm by prior arrangement €5 per hour). Book your place online at: Sibling Coupon Code: Please call Raj on 087-2883453 if you need any help enrolling your child. Many thanks

  • We’ve been Weaving!
    27th September 2019

    Each year Form Six have the special tradition of weaving stools. We started our stools on the second day of school. We thought the first layer was easy, but we had to make sure we had a tight tension. The pattern was two wraps and four strands and if we made any mistakes we had ...

  • RJS Yoga & Movement – Term 1, Week 2
    23rd September 2019

    Pose of the Week: Mountain Pose  Mountain Pose formed the foundation for lots of Balance work where the children learnt how to do poses like Tree, Aeroplane, and Dancer. All the children were fantastic at balancing on 1 leg and making up their own balance poses! Yoga Freeze Dance game with Balance poses. Partner Dancer pose.

  • CoderDojo
    18th September 2019

            Dear Parents,   We’re delighted to announce that RJS CoderDojo is starting on Saturday 21st September. It will take place every second Saturday from 2.30-4.00pm. The classes are located in Form 5 and Form 6 classrooms and are available for RJS pupils from Forms 2-6. Here are the dates for the first term: Session 1: 21st September Session 2: ...

  • Stop the Presses! RJS In the News.
    17th September 2019

    After all of our centenary celebrations last week, Rathgar Junior School has had quite a bit of press attention. There was a fantastic piece in the Dublin Gazette and some brilliant interviews on RTE ‘news2day’

  • Centenary Year
    13th September 2019

    As we start a new year together in RJS, we remember and celebrate our founder, Isabel Douglas, who opened the doors of No.62 Grosvenor Road on the 9th September 1919. On the 9th September 2019, exactly 100 years later children, staff, Directors, past pupils, past staff members and relations of Isabel gathered together not only to ...

  • A New KGA Class
    6th September 2019

    Tuesday the 3rd of September was a very special day in Rathgar Junior School, we welcomed our new kindergarten A class. Everyone arrived with big smiles, new school bags and of course new lunchboxes! We all had a wonderful first day and are really excited about the year ahead.

  • Dance Lessons
    2nd September 2019

    Isabelle Ashe will be returning to RJS on Monday the 9th September. If you are interested then please contact Isabelle directly using her details below.   Ballet, Modern & Tap dancing. € 115 per 10 week term 1st Class 3.05pm-4pm Aged 3-6years 2nd Class 4pm-5pm Ages 7 years upwards   Contact number: 086-4405505 Email:     Note: Annual show in NCH May 2010

  • Form Six At Home 2019 – Special Night of Wonderful Memories
    31st May 2019

    Almost three hours of emotional entertainment, reflection and celebration was enjoyed by everyone that shared in the experience of the Form Six “At Home” 2019.  Over several weeks Form Six had spent an increasing amount of time practising and fine-tuning a multitude of performances, as they prepared for their final, formal farewell to the school ...

  • Senior Sports Day
    24th May 2019

    On Tuesday 21st May, Form 3 – 6 went to Terenure Sports Club to take part in the annual Rathgar Junior School Senior Sports Day. We were blessed with the weather and luckily the rain held off so the races could be held in dry, if slightly chilly, conditions. All the children who took part gave a ...

  • A Visit from the Gardaí
    20th May 2019

    On May 13thMrs Glass went out of the classroom.  We were waiting for Mrs Glass to come back but unexpectedly she walked back in the room with two Gardaí behind her! We were wondering what they were here for. Then they stood at the top of the classroom and introduced themselves as Garda Rachel and ...

  • Bee Aware by Form Three
    12th April 2019

    On Tuesday morning a lovely lady called Amanda from Bee Aware came into our classroom. She talked about the importance of bees. It was very interesting. Did you know that every hive has a Queen Bee? It also has worker bees and they have jobs to do just like people – nurses, guards, builders and lots ...

  • Form 2 Animal Projects
    5th April 2019

    This week we have each been presenting our first projects to the rest of class.   We were asked to write facts about an animal of our choice. The class chose many different living creatures. Here are some examples: Black Mamba, Koala, Newt, Dolphin, Panda, Tiger, Red Panda, Komodo Dragon, Arctic Fox, Chicken, Giraffe, Butterfly, Crocodile, Wolf, ...

  • Sale of Work
    4th April 2019

    On Wednesday it was Rathgar Junior Schools annual Sale of Work and Bake Sale. It was a magnificent day full of fun, games, cakes, and treats. The day was expertly run by the Form 6 students with support from Form 5 for the bake sale. Both sales combined managed to raise over 1500 Euros which will ...

  • Form One Have Green Fingers!
    29th March 2019

    As part of our Science topic on Fruit and Vegetables, we planted some seeds from the Innocent Big Grow. We had three seeds to choose from; spinach, cress and peas. We put soil in a paper cup and planted our seeds. We put them on our windowsill and watered them. The cress grew the fastest ...

  • Leinster Boys Hockey Victory
    28th March 2019

    This afternoon the RJS Boys Hockey team secured a wonderful League and Plate double triumph, providing great memories for all who attended.  At a sun-soaked Wesley College, the atmosphere was electric on Leinster Finals Day as our buses full of fans and players arrived ahead of the game. RJS’s opponents were a very strong team from ...

  • Leinster Girls Hockey Final
    26th March 2019

    The RJS Girls hockey team did everyone proud in their Leinster League final at Three Rock Rovers this morning.  There was great excitement in the air as all the children and teachers from Forms Two to Six boarded the buses straight after assembly to bring everyone up to Grange Road. It was a wonderful achievement by ...

  • Art Zone in KGB
    22nd March 2019

    On Thursday, March 21st KGB had the pleasure of spending the morning with artist Kate Sheehy, from Art Zone who came to teach an amazing workshop using clay. We learned how to flatten, cut, smooth, blend, add texture and crosshatch to produce a beautiful owl plaque. It was so much fun and we were delighted with ...

  • Pablo Picasso in KGA
    15th March 2019

    This week in KGA we were learning about the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. He started painting when he was very young. He always painted what he felt so he painted what he thought and not what he saw. Picasso painted lots of abstract portraits, we decided to paint our own self portraits using Picasso’s abstract style. ...

  • Pollution Monitoring Experiment
    1st March 2019

    Form 5 were lucky enough to be selected by the Globe Program to take part in a European wide experiment. The experiment, in association with the Environmental Protection Agency, involved 33 schools across Ireland and many other schools in 12 different countries across Europe. Form 5 were asked to set up 3 monitoring stations, using diffusion ...

  • Eggs-ellent Eggs-travaganza in Form Six!!!
    15th February 2019

    This week Form Six enjoyed taking part in the first of our sessions in the “Cooking All Stars” programme.  The school received a lot of new cooking equipment free from Supervalu, who sponsor this initiative, which includes two portable electric cooking hobs, 12 large mixing bowls, two saucepans and frying pans, chopping boards, hot plates, ...

  • The Iron Man
    15th February 2019

    Form Four read the story of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. It tells the story of an iron robot who saves the world in the most unlikely way. We did a lot of work in English about the characters, illustrations, and plot. We also shared our opinions and had a lot of discussions.   In science ...

  • Piet Mondrian Art by Form Three
    8th February 2019

    In Form Three we have been learning about the artist Piet Mondrian. Mondrian was a Dutch artist, who changed the way many people think about art. Mondrian was a very important painter of modern abstract art in the 20th century. In abstract art, little or no attempt is made to represent images realistically and objects ...

  • Hans Christian Andersen 
    1st February 2019

    Last week Form Two presented an assembly on the life and times of Hans Christian Andersen. We wrote and performed mini plays about five important events in his life. We also performed a song in Danish and read some facts. We had great fun. Here are some interesting facts we found out while learning about his ...

  • Saint Brigid’s Cross
    24th January 2019

    In History, we have been learning about Saint Brigid. So far we have learned that she was a very kind lady. Saint Brigid’s Day is 1st February. It is also the beginning of Spring in the Celtic calendar. To mark the occasion, some people make Saint Brigid’s Crosses out of reeds which they put above ...

  • ‘Yoga’ by KGB
    18th January 2019

    This week, following on from talking about healthy living in circle time, we decided to try some Yoga. We practised bending, twisting, breathing and relaxing using ‘Yoga Pretzels’ (a fun set of yoga cards) Then we did 10 yoga poses in a wonderful African animal yoga story. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and plan to do ...

  • Norman the Slug
    11th January 2019

    This week in Kindergarten A we read a very funny story called “Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell” by Sue Hendra. We loved it so much we decided to make our own Norman the Slug with some very silly shells! We liked using lots of different art materials. We hope you like them as much as ...

  • Swords on Ice
    21st December 2018

    On Thursday, Forms 4, 5 and 6 went to Swords Ice rink. After a short journey we were greeted by the cold marquee and it was time to get our skates on. Forms 5 and 6 had been before but for many in Form 4 it was their first time skating; ever! They did a ...

  • Christmas Art
    17th December 2018

    Form Four have been busy creating various festive arts and crafts to decorate the classroom. We drew elves and added our own details to give each one a unique personality. We cut and folded green card to make 3D Christmas trees then we decorated them with sequins. We made foam wreaths to decorate the tree ...

  • “A Snow White Christmas” by Form Three
    7th December 2018

    Form Three have had a fantastic week in school this week. It was our job to kick off the RJS Christmas play season. On Tuesday 4th December we performed “A Snow White Christmas” for the whole school. We were full of a mixture of excitement and slight nerves, hoping it would go the way we ...

  • Schools in the past
    30th November 2018

    Form Two have been learning about school life in the past. We interviewed an older person in our family and found out about their own experiences at school. It was clear that the further back in time we went the less people appeared to like school. We all think that this was because of punishment ...

  • How to make a lollipop stick snowman by Form 1
    23rd November 2018

    You will need: 8 lollipop sticks PVA glue White and black paint Black card Decorations such as glittery pompoms and sequins Sticky eyes or googly eyes Orange and black markers   Method Glue 7 lollipop sticks onto the black card. They should be beside each other and touching. Glue 1 lollipop stick across the top to be the brim of the hat. Paint the hat black and ...

  • How does a Polar Bear Stay Warm? by Kindergarten B
    16th November 2018

    This week KGB spent some time learning about the Arctic and some animals that live there ….especially polar bears.  We talked about what sort of weather and temperatures polar bears live in and thought about how we would feel if we lived in these conditions. We did a fun science experiment with a bowl of ice ...

  • Form Six lift the Sam Maguire and Liam McCarthy Cups!!! A cracking trip to Croker!
    9th November 2018

    On Thursday November Form Six went to Croke Park on a school trip. As part of the trip we got a tour and a viewing of the museum. When we got there we met are tour guide, Aaron. Aaron brought us to the conference room where we saw a ten minute video of some of ...

  • Wonderful Winter by KGA
    9th November 2018

    This week in KGA we were talking about the new season, Winter. We discussed all the different things that happen in winter! We decided that our favourite thing about winter is the snow and building snowmen. So we painted a lovely picture of a snowman and made our own snowflakes. We also learnt a poem called ...

  • Fun on the Form Six Sponsored Walk for Charity
    31st October 2018

    On 24th October Form Six went on its annual sponsored walk for charity to Bushy Park. At the start of October we each selected a charity that we would like to support, then presented a pitch to the class and finally cast two secret votes.  It was difficult to choose, but we are very pleased ...

  • Halloween Party
    26th October 2018

    KGA and KGB looked so scary today as they turned up for their Halloween party. Their costumes looked fantastic and it was a good dress rehearsal for lots of ‘trick or treating’ on Wednesday. Happy Halloween!

  • The Copper Collection
    19th October 2018

    This week, in Form Five, we have been busy counting all of the copper coins that have been generously donated by children and their families from all classes of the school. We spent ages counting out the coins, first dividing them in to €1 piles and then adding it to our tally chart. After many hours ...

  • The Ark
    12th October 2018

    On Wednesday 10th October we caught a bus to town and walked to The Ark to see a play by Oscar Wilde, called “The Young Prince.” When we got inside the staff split us into four groups. We were taken on a tour by different actors who were dressed in rather funny costumes.  They told us ...

  • Bulbs, Dancing, Fundraising, Slime and Birthdays – Monday Morning in RJS!
    8th October 2018

    Our week started with a very busy, yet fun assembly.  First of all we learnt the news of an amazingly successful Bake Sale organised by one of our families last Friday afternoon.  An incredible €804 was raised, bringing the total amount of our Copper Collection to €1659 before any coins are even counted! Next we were ...

  • Form Three happy to be back to work and play!
    5th October 2018

    We have had a busy start to our new school year in Form Three. We have worked hard in all of our subjects and learned so many new things.  As art is one of our favourite subjects we would like to share some of ours with you. Firstly, we used paint and our fingers to ...

  • A Very Busy Week in Form Two!
    27th September 2018

    Form Two have had a busy week! We were asked to perform “The Cat Came Back” at Assembly on Wednesday morning. We thought it went really well and everyone enjoyed singing along. We also – kindly assisted by Form Six – made our Halloween Witches that now greet everyone entering through the front door of the ...

  • The Cat Came Back – Form Two and Mr Jensen entertain in Assembly
    27th September 2018

    Form Two and Mr Jensen provided a great treat for the rest of the school in Assembly this week.  Armed with his brand new guitar, Mr Jensen rocked his way through the song which has become synonymous with his Form Two classes down the years, “The Cat Came Back.” The song tells the funny, but slightly ...

  • Form Six Sorts Storm Ali!!
    24th September 2018

    Storm Ali hit Ireland last Tuesday and Wednesday and left behind a trail of debris in its wake; unfortunately the RJS garden felt the effects as well as the rest of the local area.  Branches and leaves were strewn across the front lawns and all sorts of dust and dirt covered the pathways. Fortunately Form Six ...

  • Form 1 Guess Who?
    21st September 2018

    In Form One we are preparing for our first class assembly next week where we are going to introduce ourselves to the rest of the school. We have drawn portraits of ourselves in Art which we will also present to the school. Look at our pictures. Can you guess who we are?

  • Kindergarten B: Autumn Leaves
    14th September 2018

    This week, Kindergarten B have been taking a closer look at autumn leaves. We collected leaves of various shapes, sizes and colours. We learnt that leaves can be used to identify trees. Then, using our leaves, we had a lovely, fun time creating beautiful pictures and making clay leaf prints. We hope that you like our photos. By ...

  • Smiles All Round as the RJS Hockey Season Starts Back!!
    7th September 2018

    Three o’clock at Three Rock Rovers, Thursday 6th September, and the RJS buses rolled into the car park as our hockey season started once again.  Over 80 children from Forms Two to Six enjoyed a sunny afternoon, with the bonus of a fantastic new pitch up at Three Rock to help everyone improve their skills.  Form ...

  • Welcome to Kindergarten A
    7th September 2018

    Tuesday 4th September was a very special day in RJS as we welcomed our new children into Kindergarten A. Everyone arrived with new bags, pencil cases and most importantly lunchboxes! We had a fantastic first morning in school and are really looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

  • Congratulations to Anna O’Flanagan – World Cup Silver for RJS Hero!
    6th August 2018

    Warmest congratulations to RJS Old Scholar, Anna O’Flanagan, who performed so heroically as a part of the successful Women’s Irish Hockey team at the recent World Cup in London. Anna and her team-mates defied the odds with a series of incredible performances, beating the USA, India (in both the group stage and Quarter Finals) as well ...

  • Form Six in Carlingford
    12th June 2018

    On Wednesday, Form Six went to Carlingford adventure centre to take part in adventurous activities and general fun by the sea. What an amazing trip we had! On the first day, we went Kayaking and water trampolining which was so much fun. We also went  pier jumping which was scary at first but gave you such an amazing ...

  • Goodbye Miss McNiffe
    1st June 2018

    Today, with great sadness, we say goodbye to Miss McNiffe from KGA. She has been such a fantastic teacher this year and will be missed massively around the school and especially in KGA. She has worked so hard and has made KGA the fun, exciting and happy place that it has been all year. Thank ...

  • May in Kindergarten A
    1st June 2018

    It was a busy May in Kindergarten A! We had a great time on Sport’s Day and ran our races with super speed and enthusiasm. Our end of year outing to ‘Go Kids Go’ was so much fun. There was great excitement as were boarded the ‘big’ bus and we couldn’t believe our eyes when ...

  • Mindful KGB
    25th May 2018

    Over the last month, KGB has been learning how to practice mindful colouring and have made some lovely work for our art exhibition. This week we learned how to do some mindful breathing. We looked at the  ‘flow’ channel on Go Noodle and carried out the ‘rainbow breath’ and ‘bring it down’ exercises. We also ...

  • Form 1 Have Green Fingers
    17th May 2018

    As part of our Science topic on Fruit and Vegetables, we planted runner beans. They stayed on our class windowsill for nearly three weeks, soaking up the sunlight and drinking water. Their leaves turned towards the sun every day. Each morning we turned them and by the end of the day, they had turned towards ...

  • Butterfly Update from KGA
    11th May 2018

    Day 20 in the Butterfly House and our ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies started to emerge from their chrysalides. They decided that the heatwave and the peace and quiet over the bank holiday weekend would be a good time to break free! When we came back to school after the weekend we were amazed to see three ...

  • Poetry in Form Two
    10th May 2018

    Form Two have been working very hard on poetry. We have studied some famous poets and wrote our own poems too. We performed some poetry for the rest of the school for class assembly on Wednesday. We became poem detectives, hunting down clues as to how some of the poems were held together. Poet Michael ...

  • Music Day
    4th May 2018

    The highlight of the week was Music Day which took place on Wednesday 2nd May.   All the preparation and hard work paid off as it was a most enjoyable and entertaining morning.   Our class sang two songs ‘A Million Dreams’ and ‘Little People’ which was then followed by the individual performances.  We had a range ...

  • Monday 30th April
    30th April 2018

    Form 6 has been waiting patiently for the birth of our chicks. Our wait was rewarded this morning when Theo was born. Fluffy and gorgeous he will be attending assembly tomorrow.

  • Monday 30th April
    30th April 2018

    Form 6 has been waiting patiently for the birth of our chicks. Our wait was rewarded this morning when Theo was born. Fluffy and gorgeous he will be attending assembly tomorrow.

  • Finally we get to run the Bake Sale!
    27th April 2018

    One of the events that Form Five looks forward to most each year is the annual cake sale which we hold in the library while Form Six are running their Sale of Work. On Wednesday morning a few of us were in very early and went down excitedly to the art room to receive the cakes ...

  • Sale of Work and Bake Sale
    25th April 2018

    The whole school had such a wonderful day today with the annual Sale of Work and Bake Sale. The gym was overflowing with books, games, toys, and cakes. Thank you so much to all parents and pupils who baked, bought or sold items today. All the money raised from the Sale of Work will go ...

  • Yoga with Form Two
    25th April 2018

    In Form Two we felt very lucky this week as we had a visit from Bernie a yoga teacher. Bernie showed us so many wonderful yoga poses and helpful breathing exercises. We really enjoyed our yoga class and we didn’t want our time with Bernie to end.

  • Family Fun Day
    23rd April 2018

    We enjoyed a wonderful Family Fun Day on Sunday 22nd April. The sun shone, a little rain came, but that didn’t dampen the spirits at of those who turned out. We had fun and games, walking together with our dogs, returning to tea and cakes in the garden. Happy days!

  • The Botanic Gardens
    20th April 2018

    On Wednesday 18th April Form Four went to The Botanic Gardens. We took the Dublin bus to Glasnevin. It took about 45 minutes. When we got there we had a little snack and we were welcomed by our tour guides June and Leo. First, we went to the children’s garden. We split into two groups. One ...

  • Caterpillars in KGA
    20th April 2018

    We were very excited in Kindergarten A on Monday when the postman safely delivered our caterpillars to Rathgar Junior School. When we removed them from their travel box, they didn’t appear to be very active, however, after letting them settle into their new surroundings they were soon exploring their new home and having a look ...

  • Kilmainham Gaol
    13th April 2018

    On Thursday Form Six visited Kilmainham Gaol Museum. We were very lucky to be able to get a place on a tour as the museum has become so popular. We travelled by bus to the Jail where we were met by our guide, Damian. He took us inside the original prison and told us all about the history ...

  • March Madness in KGA
    23rd March 2018

    March has been a hectic month in Kindergarten A and we have had lots of fun. First came the snow and we were very excited when we returned after the snow days to see some snow still in the garden. Form 6 were very kind to bring their newly hatched ducklings to our class for a ...

  • Leinster Schools League Hockey Final.
    21st March 2018

    On Tuesday 2oth March, Forms 5 and 6 girls played in the final of the ‘Leinster School Hockey League’ against Our Lady’s Grove at The Railway Hockey Club. They had fought hard to gain their place in the final and the whole school travelled with them to show their support. There were two games being played simultaneously and for ...

  • Irish Morning
    16th March 2018

    On Thursday, the entire school descended to the hall to take part in the annual Rathgar Junior School Irish Morning. The costumes were fantastic and all year groups looked incredible. We were treated to songs, dances, and performances from KGA all the way to form 6. The variety of acts and the talent showed by ...

  • ‘Leprechauns and Rainbows’ by KGB
    15th March 2018

    KGB were very excited this week getting ready for Irish morning. We practised our song ‘Ag dul ar scoil’ and learnt a poem ‘Bogha baisti’. The class were captivated by tales of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow being guarded by a leprechaun. We made beautiful pictures to go with our ...

  • Weekend Away
    12th March 2018

    Form 6 have now managed to raise 4 healthy ducklings that are getting bigger every day. On Saturday the ducklings had a holiday and went for an overnight stay with Mr. Chambers. Despite there being some issues with broken bulbs and late night panics, all the ducks had a brilliant time and enjoyed running around ...

  • The Day the Snow Came
    9th March 2018

    In Form 1, we started work on our Spring Art but when so much snow fell in Dublin last week, we had to mark the occasion by writing about our experiences and making snowy pictures. We all wrote about ‘The Day the Snow Came’ and did polystyrene prints in Art. We drew on a sheet of ...

  • Wesley College Hockey Tournament
    9th March 2018

    On Tuesday, February 27th, Form 4 braved the bitterly cold weather to take part in a hockey tournament at Wesley College. The two teams representing Rathgar Junior School played fantastic hockey and displayed exceptional skills and teamwork. Both teams scored an impressive 23 goals between them. One of our groups made it to the semi-final ...

  • Duck Update
    7th March 2018

    We were so excited to arrive at school this morning and see that another healthy duck had hatched. Bella, the firstborn duck, came into assembly this morning to have a very special happy birthday song sang to her. She also managed to find the time to visit all of the classes to meet everyone. There ...

  • ‘Eggscellent’ News!
    5th March 2018

    During school today, whilst form 6 was on a trip to Leinster House, one of our duck eggs hatched. We are all very excited at this and can’t wait to see if any more will follow suit. Hopefully, our little duckling will have some friends to join it very soon.

  • Form Two’s Trip to Town
    5th March 2018

    On Wednesday 21st February Form Two went to Marsh’s Library. We went on Dublin Bus. We took the 15c on the way there and on the way back we got on the 15b. When we arrived at Marsh’s Library we got given a clipboard and we did a LEGO Minifigure Hunt. The hardest mini-figure to ...

  • A Very Special Assembly
    23rd February 2018

    This morning we had a very special visit from our friend Winnie the Witch, who attended assembly with Morgan Browne and Lucy Brady, past pupils of RJS, who have been with us this week for work experience. Morgan introduced the children to Winnie, and a long discussion ensued about her ability to sing and ...

  • RJS Pancake Tuesday
    23rd February 2018

    Rathgar Junior School Pancake Tuesday dawned bright and sunny on the 20th of February. We had our assembly in the garden and ran our traditional pancake race. Great fun was had by all. All classes came to the gym for pancakes. Mrs Silke was ably assisted by Rachel, Morgan and Lucy, our ...

  • Magnetic Fun
    22nd February 2018

    Form 3 had lots of fun in Science this week looking at Magnets. Our class split into four groups and each group tested different objects to see if they had iron in them. We discovered that some objects like a plastic spoon, wooden ruler and rubber did not magnetise. Surprisingly neither did the coins or ...

  • RJS Girls Reach Hockey Final!
    14th February 2018

    Congratulations to our Girls Hockey teams who have successfully qualified for the final of their division in the Leinster Schoolgirls League. Both our teams have enjoyed very successful results throughout the season, the result of great team spirit, co-operation and self-belief. The girls have been brilliantly prepared and supported by our wonderful coach, Gillian Butler. ...

  • The Iron Man by Form Four
    9th February 2018

    “The Iron Man came to the top of a cliff”… That was the first sentence in the story of The Iron Man. Form Four read the story of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. It tells the story of an iron robot who saves the world in the most unlikely way. We did a lot ...

  • AIJS Chess Tournament
    8th February 2018

    On Monday February 5th 2018, RJS competed in the AIJS Chess Tournament. Other schools competing were: St. Conleth’s, Children’s House, Monkstown Park and Mt. Anville. There were two RJS teams because Wicklow Montessori could not come, so four boys from Form 5 volunteered to play instead of them. We played four games of speed chess. ...

  • Origami by Form Five
    2nd February 2018

    Two weeks ago when Mrs. Derham showed us a sample of the origami boxes she wanted us to make, we felt it was going to be a long, difficult task. Then she took the box apart and showed us that each box was actually made from two sections –a top and a bottom made from 8 ...

  • The Islamic Cultural Centre by Form Six
    24th January 2018

    Last week Form Six travelled to the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh to learn all about Islam and the Muslim faith, this visit is a part of their Comparative Religions studies in class. When we first arrived we were brought in to a room where we saw a picture of the Kaaba. This is a sacred ...

  • KGA’s Alphabet Art
    19th January 2018

    Kindergarten A have been very busy since September learning their phonics. To help reinforce the individual sounds, we have enjoyed doing arts & crafts to celebrate our ‘Sounds of the Week’. Here is some of our super artwork… E was for Elegant Elephants – we loved choosing earrings and bows for our elephants, B was for Beautiful ...

  • ‘Families’ by Kindergarten A
    17th January 2018

    We have been learning all about families in Kindergarten A…both animal families and human families. We enjoyed learning about baby animals and we had a game to see how many of their names we knew. The funniest one we learnt was that baby rabbits are called kittens…many of us thought they were called bunnies! We had ...

  • “Happy 2018!” from KGB
    12th January 2018

    Happy New Year! Everyone likes to celebrate the New Year and KGB are no exception. We enjoyed talking about our 2018 resolutions and what we did on New Year’s Eve. Tying in with Nollaig na mBan (Women’s/Little Christmas) and the Herstory Light Festival, we read stories of ancient heroines and drew a heroine from our own life. ...

  • Winter Poems
    22nd December 2017

      In class we have been learning to recite poems about winter. Here is one of the poems we learned.   The Winter Parcel Today I’m like a parcel, Wrapped up from top to toe, Protected from the blowing wind And the cold white snow.   My neck has got a scarf on. My head hides in a hat. On my hands I wear some gloves As ...

  • Acrostic Poetry by Form Two
    15th December 2017

    This week in Form Two we have been learning about acrostic poems. We learned that acrostics are fun poems that anyone can write. All you need to do is choose a word or phrase, write it down the side of your page and use each letter at the start of the line to develop your ...

  • Scarecrow’s Christmas by Kindergarten B
    15th December 2017

  • The ABC Nativity by Kindergarten A
    15th December 2017

  • Porridge by Form Six
    15th December 2017

  • The Snow Queen by Form Five
    14th December 2017

  • “FEE, FIE, FO, FUM!” by Form Three
    8th December 2017

    Form Three kicked off the RJS Christmas play season this week when we performed ’Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum!’  On Tuesday 5th December we had the dress rehearsal for the whole school and then on Wednesday afternoon we performed it for our parents. It was a panto style musical which brought the story of Jack and the ...

  • Beauty and the Beast Christmas Play by Form Two
    8th December 2017

  • Humpty Dumpty: Was He Pushed or Did He Fall? Form One Christmas Play
    8th December 2017

  • The Blue Crystal Christmas Play by Form Four
    7th December 2017

  • Fee Fie Fo Fum! Form Three Christmas Play
    7th December 2017

  • Christmas Arts and Crafts
    1st December 2017

    Form Four have been very busy this week making lots of different art and craft activities in time for Christmas. First of all we made small felt wreaths with buttons and bows to hang on our tree. Next we made stained glass baubles to hang up at the windows. We drew elves and added our ...

  • Cold Nights… November in Form Five
    27th November 2017

    The weather forecasters have been warning us about ‘a cold snap’ all last week and on Friday we woke up to a lovely bright, frosty morning.  Form Five were delighted as after assembly we went out into the garden to experience the frost – all just another part of the preparation for our Christmas play, ...

  • Team Hope Christmas Shoe Boxes by Form Six
    16th November 2017

    On Monday 13th November Form Six had the privilege of handing over the Christmas shoe boxes to the Team Hope volunteers who arrived at the school. In total an incredible 160 shoe boxes were donated by pupils and their families from throughout the school. Thanks to everyone’s incredibly hard work over the last few weeks ...

  • Kindergarten Colour Exploration
    10th November 2017

    Kindergarten A have had lots of fun this week exploring all things ‘Colour’. We discussed the names of colours in English and began learning the names ‘as Gaeilge’ too. We made a bar chart of our favourite colours and the winner was…Gold! In preparation for Science Week next week, we became scientists on Wednesday and discovered ...

  • Fangtastic KGB!
    27th October 2017

    This week everything has turned super spooky in KGB.  As Hallowe’en draws nearer we have been busy practising our scary poem ‘ In the dark dark house.’ We really enjoyed showing off our dance moves to three fun songs – ‘Hallowe’en rules’, ‘Hallowe’en stomp ‘ and ‘Hallowe’en peek a boo!’ . We also made some frighteningly good ...

  • Form One Pumpkins.
    20th October 2017

    In Form One we have been getting ready for Halloween. If you visit our classroom, you will see witches, ghosts, haunted castles and 3D pumpkins. To make our pumpkins, we got a piece of orange card. We used a ruler to make nine lines on the card and then we cut them out. On a ...

  • David O’Doherty Visits Form Two
    12th October 2017

    This week Form Two had a very special visitor. Author of ‘Danger is Everywhere’ David O’Doherty came to spend some time with us. He read some special parts from his three books. David asked us about the dangers of school and he acted out many funny dangerous scenarios. We were laughing for most of his ...

  • Form 3 Trip to the Ark
    11th October 2017

    On 3rd October Form Three visited the Ark during the week to see the play ‘If Only Rosa Could Do Magic.’ Rosa is a child with lots of toys to play with but she has no friends and her parents are away. So she escapes to a dream world filled with dragons and frogs and ...

  • Science with Form Four.
    2nd October 2017

    In science we have been learning about oak trees. We studied and sketched some leaves, acorns and oak galls. We learned that oak galls grow when a gall wasp lays an egg into a puncture on the underside of an oak leaf. As the larva develops, a round formation known as a gall nut is formed. A ...

  • A Hidden Treasure
    27th September 2017

    On September 11th, the pupils of RJS were delighted to have a visit from the author Amanda Bell. Amanda,  who is the mother of a past pupil, read her latest work  ‘The Lost Library Book ‘ to us and, intrigued  by the story, Mr. Adair arranged for Forms 3, 4 , 5 and 6 to ...

  • Form Six Stool Making.
    22nd September 2017

    On the 6th September 2017 Form Six started making their stools.  The long-awaited stool making tradition has continued since with great excitement and enthusiasm. Last year’s record was nine school days to complete all the stools and we are hopefully on target to beat that. First, each of us was handed 12 pieces of wood which ...

  • “Awesome Autumn Leaves!” by Kindergarten B
    15th September 2017

    KGB became ‘nature detectives’ this week and brought the outdoors  into our classroom by collecting autumn leaves, twigs, flowers, seeds and berries. The children had great fun using their creative skills to create beautiful nature crowns and tiaras.  We also read “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert and made our very own leaf men and women! Autumn is ...

  • Welcome to Kindergarten A!
    8th September 2017

    Kindergarten A have had a fantastic first week in school.  They have all been super brave and have made lots of new friends.  They have enjoyed working with their new books and particularly loved taking turns on the interactive whiteboard. We are all looking forward to having lots more fun next week!

  • An Amazing Trip to Carlingford – Form Six
    9th June 2017

    On Wednesday 7th June Form Six, Mrs. Glass and Mr. Adair arrived at school pulling their suitcases ready for their overnight trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre. At 9.00am we got on the bus and set off. Our first stop was the Applegreen services at Lusk. We all bought some refreshments and played on the indoor and ...

  • Teddy Bears’ Picnic by Kindergarten A
    9th June 2017

    On Tuesday the 6th of June, Kindergarten A and Kindergarten B went on our annual walk to Belgrave square for our Teddy Bears’ Picnic! We were very lucky with the weather this year and we set off at 9:30am, with our packed lunches and special guests, our favourite teddy bear, under our arms! We had great fun ...

  • KGB’s Big School Outing!
    1st June 2017

    On Friday May 26th, KGB had a fun-filled day out on our end-of year trip to “GO KIDS GO.” We got a bus to the children’s amusement centre in Blanchardstown and then enjoyed three levels of interactive play equipment, including slides, ball pools and rope climbs. We got to play games and indoor football too.  It ...

  • Resource Day Out to Palmerston Park
    26th May 2017

    The RJS Resource children enjoyed a blistering hot outing to Palmerston Park on the morning of Friday 26th May. After working so hard throughout the year and achieving so much success it was a much deserved treat for all 16 children from Form One to Form Six to spend the morning together. It was lovely to see the ...

  • RJS Senior Sports
    26th May 2017

    We enjoyed another fun and energetic afternoon out at Terenure Sports Club on May 23rd 2017, on the occasion of the annual RJS Senior Sports Day. As always our four classes and three clans took part in a range of races, with participation, fun and good sport the main order of the day. The Games staff ran ...

  • Farm Fun by Form One (& Thanks from Miss O’Brien)
    26th May 2017

    On Monday, May 15th, Form One set off for a day of fun to Airfield Estate. The day began with a guided tour of the farm, where we met hungry calves and lazy pigs. Not to forget, the very popular, Charlie and her new born calf. After lunch, the students enjoyed playing in the large open spaces ...

  • A Great Morning Out at RJS Junior Sports by Form Two
    19th May 2017

    Today RJS held our annual Junior Sports Day.  It took place at Terenure Sports Club.  A huge crowd of family and friends gathered to watch the much anticipated races.  Fortunately, the sun was shining for our special day. At 11.30am we gathered on our picnic rugs while Mr Adair and Mrs Silke prepared for the races.  KGA, ...

  • RJS Family Day – Fun in the Sun!
    19th May 2017

    On Sunday 14th May we shared a wonderful afternoon together at the annual RJS Family Fun Day. Our parents did a wonderful job in organising the entire event.  The school garden was bedecked in colour, with our doggy cafe, face painting and guessing games ready to go, alongside a fantastic range of home baking. There was a ...

  • Tantalising Tacos – Resource Style!
    19th May 2017

    On Friday 12th May the senior Resource children enjoyed a special Taco making session in the school library. We followed a recipe inspired by Marla which combined taco shells with chicken, salad, bacon, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Everyone brought in the different ingredients and we got to work cleaning, chopping, slicing, mixing, seasoning and tasting! It was ...

  • Music Day 2017 – A Special Morning in RJS
    19th May 2017

    On Wednesday 10th May all of our classes from KGB through to Form Five welcomed their parents and friends to RJS for a special celebration of music. Each class performed a variety of songs, with some of our older classes presenting a mix of percussion routines.  We also enjoyed well over fifty instrumentalists who played a range ...

  • Viking Trip to the National Museum by Form Three
    12th May 2017

    Form Three visited the National Museum of Ireland in Kildare Street recently.  We had been learning about the Vikings in History so we were excited to see their exhibition and artefacts. Our guide shared lots of interesting facts about the Vikings, for example, there has only been one Viking helmet found in Ireland to date and ...

  • Sound by Form Four
    5th May 2017

    Our world is full of sound.  Most of the time we only really listen to one or two sounds that we are interested in and totally ignore the rest.  In Form Four we tried to make our own sounds by making homemade flutes, pan flutes and stringed boxes.  We learned that every movement sets up vibrations which ...

  • Form Five time travel to Christchurch Cathedral!
    28th April 2017

    Just before the Easter break Form Five went back in time over 800 years when they visited Christchurch Cathedral. When we arrived our tour guide, Michelle, explained that there was once a monastery attached to the cathedral.  She asked us if we would like to become monks for the tour.  She explained that if we did, ...

  • Lots of Fun at the Parents Hockey Afternoon!
    4th April 2017

    A fantastic afternoon of hockey was enjoyed by all who took part in this year’s annual Parents’ Hockey event at Three Rock Rovers. A great turnout of mums, dads and minders, both on the pitch and cheering from the sidelines, helped to create a great atmosphere.  Form Six had worked hard to prepare six evenly matched ...

  • Successful Sale of Work
    3rd April 2017

    On the 29th of March 2017 Form Six organised the annual RJS Sale of Work and From Five ran the Bake Sale which raised €1390.22 to support two different charities – “Kavita Arya”our sponsored child in India and the St. Clara’s monastery in Huanta, Peru, which will provide accommodation for girls to enable them to ...

  • Junior Einsteins visit RJS Juniors!
    31st March 2017

    “Junior Einsteins” Science Club visited the school on Friday 31 st March to present two science workshops to our four junior classes. First KGA and KGB went down to the Gym, where there were all sorts of interesting pieces of equipment laid out ready for a whole load of different experiments. The children loved getting their hands ...

  • KGA love our School Garden!
    31st March 2017

    This week in Kindergarten A we have been learning about gardens. On Monday we went out to explore our garden at the front of the school. It was a beautiful, sunny day and there was lots of nature to explore. We heard the birds singing beautiful songs and saw them taking a rest in the trees. ...

  • Seven Happy Chicks Hatch in RJS!
    24th March 2017

    After 21 days in their incubator our hens’ eggs finally started to reveal the hope of new life with some cracks appearing last Monday 20th March.  When the due date of Tuesday morning arrived Form Six were thrilled to find that three chicks had hatched overnight, Trevor, Minor Concussion and Ballistic Bob. More cracks appeared ...

  • Supermum by KGB
    23rd March 2017

    We had a lovely week thinking and talking about our Mums in Kindergarten B.  First we made a word wall, using lots of different words to describe our mothers.  We also read Anthony Browne’s story “My Mum” and had a class discussion about all the amazing jobs that Mums do.  Then we enjoyed making special ...

  • Maidin na Gaeilge le RJS! Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!
    16th March 2017

    This St. Patrick’s weekend was launched in style by every child in RJS at our annual Maidin na Gaeilge. The whole school gathered together in the gym to perform and share a wonderful mixture of modern and traditional songs, dances, poetry and plays ‘as Gaeilge.’  Everyone had gone to great trouble to look very patriotic, bedecked ...

  • St. Patrick’s Day by Form One
    16th March 2017

    Form One kicked off the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on Wednesday this week.  Dressed in our national colours, they confidently presented a PowerPoint presentation all about St. Patrick’s Day. They also showed a short video clip where we saw different places and different ways that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world – from ...

  • Healthy Eating Fun in RJS by Form Two
    10th March 2017

    This week we have been thinking a lot about the food we eat and how we can improve our diet in preparation for our annual Healthy Eating Day.  This was held on Thursday, 9th of March at school. Mr. Adair started the day off by sharing ten interesting facts regarding food during assembly.  We all thoroughly ...

  • Form Six visit to Leinster House
    10th March 2017

    Form Six enjoyed a fun and interesting trip to Leinster House on Thursday 9th March. Having studied politics and politicians in class it was good to visit the place where all the laws of our country are made and to recognise a few faces from our studies. When we arrived we waited for a brief moment in ...

  • Roses from the Heart – a special time shared with Christina Henri
    10th March 2017

    We enjoyed a really special visit from Australian artist, Christina Henri who came to RJS on Wednesday 1st March, Christina spoke to all the children from Forms One to Six in assembly, explaining the story behind her 13 year ongoing project to commemorate each of the 3,216 women and their 506 children who were transported from Ireland ...

  • Form Three’s Maori Masterpieces!
    2nd March 2017

    Form Three have been learning about the Maoris in History. We discovered that they were the first people to settle in New Zealand and that they are famous for their carving and weaving.   Maori people do a war dance called the “haka” which we watched on YouTube.   Its sometimes used as a challenge and other times ...

  • Form Four Rollercoasters!
    17th February 2017

    Over the last few weeks Form Four worked in teams of four designing and constructing our own roller coasters made from recycled materials. The rollercoasters had to transport marbles from one point up high to another, using the force of gravity.  Various sized marbles were used depending on the type and weight of the cardboard used.  The four ...

  • “Up, Up and Away!” with Form Four
    14th February 2017

    Form Four went on a journey of discovery to France where we learned about the Montgolfier Brothers and the Hot Air Balloon in 1783. We learned a lot of interesting facts about the history of ballooning and presented these in our assembly last week. Although balloons have existed for thousands of years in some form, theirs was ...

  • “Newtown Hockey Match – Friends Together!” by Form Five
    9th February 2017

      Last year an old school tradition was revived when Form Six went to visit Newtown School in Waterford. This year the pupils of both Forms Five and Six had the pleasure of inviting Newtown on a return visit for an afternoon of fun and hockey. We could hardly believe it when we arrived into school on ...

  • Form Six trip to the Mosque, Clonskeagh
    26th January 2017

    On Wednesday the 19th January, Form Six went on an outing to the Mosque as pasrt of our Comparative Religions study. First we walked down to Ranelagh to get the number 11 bus to Clonskeagh. When we arrived at the Mosque we took some pictures on the front lawn.  I thought the Mosque was really pretty ...

  • “Happy Chinese New Year!” from KGA
    26th January 2017

    This week in Kindergarten A we have been learning about Chinese New Year. This celebration begins according to The Lunar Calendar.  This year it begins on Saturday 28th January and lasts for fifteen days. During the celebrations families get together and remember the year that has passed and look forward to the new year ahead.  Many ...

  • “Reading is Fun!” by Kindergarten B
    20th January 2017

    This Wednesday, 18th January, Kindergarten B had a wonderful indoor Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the Gym. Mrs Dore gave us our very own pack of books to enjoy reading at the picnic. We sounded-out our words and read lots of stories to our favourite teddy bears.  When we had finished reading and enjoying our picnic lunch, ...

  • Christmas Pancakes by the RJS Resource Family!
    21st December 2016

    On Wednesday 21st December the RJS Resource family of fourteen children from Forms One to Six hosted the most fantastic “Christmas Pancakes” session in the Gym. With Mrs. Silke sharing the ‘secret’ of her unbeatable pancakes, all the classes were invited down to share the Christmas party atmosphere and bring delicious pancakes back to their classes. ...

  • Form Six Play “On Tour” to Brabazon House
    21st December 2016

    On Tuesday 20th December Form Six performed their play “Fantastic Mr. Fox” for the very last time.  This was a very special performance as the class took their production “on tour” to Brabazon House residential home in Sandymount. The performance area was a lot smaller than the class were used to on the stage in school, ...

  • Ice Skating Fun at the RDS!
    21st December 2016

    On Monday 19th December Forms Four, Five and Six shared a fantastic morning on the ice at the RDS in Ballsbridge.  For the first time ever RJS had the whole rink just to ourselves!!  The ice rink was outdoors again this year, but the ice was pretty dry and there weren’t too many falls!  Thanks ...

  • Kindergarten A presents “Whoops A Daisy Angel”
    16th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of “Whoops A Daisy Angel” by Kindergarten A.  Many congratulations  to all the class and Miss Flaherty on a fabulous performance.

  • Kindergarten B presents “The Gingerbread Man”
    16th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of “The Gingerbread Man” by Kindergarten B.  Many congratulations to all the class and Mrs. Dore on a wonderful performance!

  • Science, Art & Nature by Form One
    16th December 2016

    Form One have had great fun experimenting with nature to create art work.  First we explored how textures and print can be made from the bark of the trees in our garden, then we used leaves to create leaf prints.  Form One enjoyed using a variety of colours to build tone that we often see ...

  • Form Six presents “Fantastic Mr. Fox”
    15th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Form Six.  Many congratulations to all the class and Mrs. Glass on a wonderful performance, their final time together on the RJS stage.

  • Form Five presents “The Night Before Christmas”
    15th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of “The Night Before Christmas” by Form Five.  Many congratulations to all the children and Mrs. Derham on a superb performance!  

  • The Polar Bear by Form Three
    14th December 2016

    We have been learning about the polar bear in class.  We discovered that polar bears are the largest of all bears and that they live on the ice that covers the Arctic Circle.  They are powerful swimmers that often hunt under the ice.  Unfortunately these beautiful bears are in danger of extinction, as the ice ...

  • “Gnome Alone” presented by Form One
    10th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of “Gnome Alone” by Form One.  Many congratulations to all the children and Miss O’Brien on an incredible performance!

  • Form Two present “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Roald Dahl”
    10th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of “Roald Dahl’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by Form Two.  Many congratulations to all the children and Miss McWade on a fantastic performance!

  • Form Four present “Cinders”
    10th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of “Cinders” by Form Four.  Many congratulations to all the class and Mrs. Dinet on a wonderful performance!  

  • “Treasure Island” presented by Form Three!
    10th December 2016

    Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the production of “Treasure Island” by Form Three.  Many congratulations to all the children and Mrs. Devlin on a wonderful performance!  

  • “Snow White” report by Form Two
    10th December 2016

      We’ve had an extremely busy, exciting week in Form Two.  On Wednesday we performed the dress rehearsal of our play to the rest of the staff and children, Roald Dahl’s version of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.  We had lots of fun performing for everyone and it was a great opportunity for us to ...

  • Form Four loves Science!
    30th November 2016
    Form 4 Goo

    Recently, in Science class, Form Four have been investigating with the changing properties of materials and how they react with one another. The idea that we could create our own slime in class was very attractive. It only takes a few minutes and a few ingredients to make a batch. The materials needed were water, glue, ...

  • A Person Who Has Made a Difference – Form Five
    15th November 2016

    In October in History class Form Five studied the lives of Rosa Parkes and Nelson Mandela, two people whose actions made a huge difference to the lives of those around them. Mrs. Derham then set each of us a task – to select a person whom we felt had made a difference in the lives of ...

  • Fun on Form Six Sponsored Walk for Charity
    11th November 2016

    Over a number of weeks each member of Form Six took time to research charities that we could support on our annual sponsored walk. We all made presentations to our friends and then the class voted for three charities that we would support. These are the charities we chose: Bothár – A charity that provides livestock ...

  • Kindergarten A – From Seed to Pumpkin!
    28th October 2016

    This week in Kindergarten A we learned about pumpkins. The life cycle of a pumpkin shows us that pumpkins come from the pumpkin seed. The pumpkin seed is planted in the ground. With sunlight and water a sprout will show, next vines will grow, followed by a yellow flower. The yellow flower will turn into ...

  • KGB love shapes!!
    21st October 2016

    On Monday 17th October Kindergarten B revised 3D shapes in our maths class. We did this by constructing cubes, cuboids, pyramids and triangular prisms out of cocktail sticks and jelly tots! As an added bonus the children got to eat the finished products! On Tuesday in our PE class KGB did some yoga poses, pretending we ...

  • Form Six trip to Croke Park
    21st October 2016

    On the 20th October Form six went on an outing to Croke Park. It took us around 45 minutes to get there on the bus. When we arrived we went into the reception, got our wrist bands and ate our lunch. After lunch we went into a room with a big screen and watched a ...

  • Form One – Busy Fun!!
    14th October 2016

    Maths We have been playing some games as warm-up activities during our Maths lessons this week in class. With the use of a deck of cards we have been practising the ‘friends of 10’ and doubles. These are great games to play at home too! Postcard Writing In Form One we have been working hard writing ...

  • Form Two’s Performance Poetry
    6th October 2016

    We have been learning about performance poetry in Form Two over the past few weeks. This form of poetry focuses on poems being enacted to an audience. Performers usually vary their tone of voice, pace and volume, in addition to using facial expressions and actions to enhance the overall performance of the poem. We looked closely ...

  • Form 3 ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’
    28th September 2016

    We have been learning about the legend of ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’ in our History class. The story is about an ancient hunter/warrior named Fionn MacCumhaill and how he acquired the gift of knowledge after tasting magic fish from the River Boyne in County Meath. Fionn went on to become the leader of the Fianna ...

  • Form 2 joins CoderDojo
    25th September 2016

    The second CoderDojo session took place last Saturday for Forms 3-6 and it was the first coding session for Form 2, who hit the ground running. We had 36 children attending and there was great coding taking place. A big thanks to all the mentors and past pupils for their help. The children worked on Scratch, ...

  • “Friends in Fabric”
    23rd September 2016

    On Thursday the 15th September an artist, called Ciara, who is a past pupil of RJS, came into Assembly. She told us about an art project that we would all take part in the following week. The project was to make a ‘Friendship in Fabric’ display out of tie-dye flowers. Everyone in the school would ...

  • Form Four – Optical Art!
    22nd September 2016

    Form Four discussed in class how Optical Art can play tricks with your eyes. ‘Trompe l’oeil’ is the French definition of this art technique that uses realistic imagery to create optical illusion. Trompe l’oeil vasarelystarted in the early Renaissance and evolved from there into Optical Art or “Op-art” in the 1960s. The artist Victor Vaserely is ...

  • A Welcome Return by Form Five
    19th September 2016

    Coming back to school is always a little daunting. One very strange thing is that the classroom is different and even though there are nice posters up, the walls seem bare without our own work. So over the last two weeks we in Form Five have worked really hard to create colourful sandpaper prints, watercolour paintings ...

  • Form Six – The Legendary Stools!!
    9th September 2016

    On Friday 2nd September, our second day in Form Six, we started our first handwork project – the legendary stools! It all started with a demonstration from Mr. Adair. First we built the frame and found the colour of yarn that had we chosen last year. We had to put a nail into the frame to ...

  • Form Six Trip to Carlingford
    12th June 2016

    Form Six enjoyed a fantastic finale to their year on last week’s overnight trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre. Leaving school be-decked in fantastic “Class of 2016” t-shirts, kindly organised by the parents, we enjoyed the journey up to Co.Louth, especially the “fuel stop” at Applegreen service station. Arriving at Carlingford there was time for a quick ...

  • Fantastic Form Six’s “At Home”
    27th May 2016

    Form Six and their parents enjoyed a very special evening together last night at their end of year “At Home” performance. The night was a true celebration of all the individual and collective talents of our oldest class, who will be bidding us farewell in just a few weeks. This year Form Six worked so hard ...

  • Sunshine & Smiles at Senior Sports
    24th May 2016

    A glorious afternoon of sunshine graced this year’s Senior Sports Day at Terenure Sports Club, where all our classes from Forms Three to Six gathered to enjoy a fun afternoon together. As usual the Games staff ran a very tight ship, with all four classes running through the programme at a rate of knots. There ...

  • Great Fun at the Junior Sports!
    20th May 2016

    A wonderful time was had by all of our children from Kindergartens A and B, Forms One and Two, as well as their parents, at this morning’s Junior Sports Day in Terenure Sports Club. Four classes of children, all filled with happy faces and bags of enthusiasm, shared a special morning together, running, hopping, balancing eggs ...

  • Music Day 2016
    13th May 2016

    Our annual music day took place this Wednesday May 11th. All the children from KGB up to Form Five participated. There were 50 individual performances on a great range of instruments -piano, harp, drums, recorder, ukulele and violin. The performers ranged from beginners to accomplished musicians but each one displayed great courage and confidence when ...

  • Marc Chagall art in Form 4
    5th May 2016

    Form 4 got an introduction of the painter, Marc Chagall. Born in Belarus in 1887, Marc moved to Paris in 1910 and became an artist. Chagall often painted dreamlike scenes and many of the pictures he painted included memories from his childhood. One of his earliest works, I and the Village, is full of narrative ...

  • Thirteen Chicks born in RJS!!
    28th April 2016

    This week marked a wonderful record-breaking success with the latest round of egg incubation in Form Six. Just over three weeks ago 14 hens’ eggs went into our incubator, with all our fingers crossed for the arrival of lots of fluffy chicks 21 days later. On Monday 25th April signs of our first impending arrival could be ...

  • Easter 1916 Centenary
    28th April 2016

    This week we marked the centenary week of the 1916 Easter Rising. Forms Five and Six presented a special Assembly to the school on Tuesday, explaining the background to the Rising and mentioning some personal connections that some of our children have with people and places involved. Form Three continued learning about the Easter Rising in ...

  • Hockey Trip to Newtown, Waterford
    25th April 2016

    On Monday 25th April Form Six enjoyed a great trip to Newtown Junior School in Waterford. We played four hockey matches, with mixed teams of boys and girls, playing in a wonderful atmosphere of friendship and good sport. After our matches we were welcomed into the Senior School canteen where we shared a delicious hot meal ...

  • Successful Sale of Work!!
    25th April 2016

    This year’s Sale of Work and Bake Sale were a record-breaking success. With thanks to all the children, parents and friends who donated toys, books, bric-a-brac; and baked a wonderful array of cakes and buns, we raised an incredible €1900. Both Forms Five and Six were a real credit to themselves, all proving they had natural ...

  • Form 2 Float Their Boats
    21st April 2016

    Form 2 have been learning about buoyancy in Science class and how the shape of an object determines its ability to float. We split into groups and got a lump of modelling clay each. We quickly found out that it had to have the shape of a bowl or boat in order not to sink. ...

  • Handa’s Surprise
    18th April 2016

    On Wednesday 13th April Form One presented our assembly to the school. We had a lot of fun performing a dramatised version of the picture book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne. We all had lines to learn and some of us had masks to make too. The story is set in Kenya, Africa, so we used ...

  • “Staying Safe!” by KGB
    8th April 2016

    This week Kindergarten B have been learning about “Staying Safe.” We talked about being safe around electricity at home and how electrical appliances can be very dangerous. We also learnt about fire safety, road safety and talked about people who help us in our community. We had lots of fun together role-playing and even making our ...

  • New Playground Surface – Fun for All!
    4th April 2016

    Having spoken with the children in Assembly before Easter about a “surprise” for them on our return, today it was finally time for the “big reveal!” The children were very pleased to discover that over the holidays our entire back garden had been re-surfaced with a lovely black-flecked, safe, smooth, protective soft covering. There are no ...

  • Maidin na Gaeilge le RJS!
    15th March 2016

    The RJS Gym was a sea of green this morning as the whole school gathered to celebrate our annual Maidin na Gaeilge. All the children had spent weeks working very hard preparing their words and costumes for a wonderful array of performances. Kindergarten A got the morning underway with a beautiful rendition of “Téidí Beag Álainn” ...

  • Parents’ Hockey Match in the Sun!
    11th March 2016

    We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of hockey yesterday at Pembroke, as the season reached its traditional climax with the annual Parents Hockey match. A great turnout of parents, both on the pitch and supporting from the side-lines, helped to create a wonderful atmosphere as the sun shone down on all. Our six teams each played one ...

  • Easter Art in KGA
    11th March 2016

    This week in kindergarten A we had great fun making beautiful Easter eggs,chicks and rabbits. We used 3D pre-punched egg, rabbits and chick shapes. We used lots of different coloured and textured strips of fabric. We threaded and knotted the strips of fabric through the holes and made lovely patterns and designs! They all turned ...

  • New Life in RJS – Hatching Eggs by Form Six
    4th March 2016

    On the second of February 2016, Form Fix placed fourteen duck eggs into our school incubator. Some of the class shared an egg and others had their own. Some of the names we gave our potential ducks were; Vanessa, Olaf HBB, Freddie, Taco, Aussie, Quackers, Aslan and others. One by one we chose our eggs, ...

  • Papier-maché bowls by Form Five
    29th February 2016

    In Form Five we have been busy over the past couple of weeks making papier-maché bowls. The first step in the process was to shred a lot of waste paper – this job was great fun. Then the shredded paper was soaked overnight until it became mushy. The mush was then liquidised with a stick blender ...

  • Form Four trip to the Little Museum of Dublin
    8th February 2016

    On January 28th, Form 4 went into town to visit “The Little Museum of Dublin.” This place is also referred to as the ‘People’s Museum.’ The exhibition tells the story of Dublin in the 20th century with artefacts donated by the public. Form Four were introduced to the history of the city through a brilliant guided ...

  • Form One and Two Film Afternoon
    8th February 2016

    It was the turn of Forms One and Two to enjoy their Film Afternoon last Friday, 6th February. The movie being played this time was “Yogi Bear” which was followed by an episode of the classic cartoon series “Top Cat.” Unfortunately, due to a horrendous downpour outside, it was not possible for the children to ...

  • The Bear Facts – by Form Three
    4th February 2016

    “My Favourite Thing”, was our starting point for some cross curricular work on bears. A few people loved their X-Boxes and iPads and bikes, but for others it was their teddy or stuffed toy that was their first choice. We saw a PowerPoint on the history of toys and we discovered that the teddy bear was ...

  • RJS hosts the 2016 AIJS Chess Tournament
    2nd February 2016

    Congratulations to everyone who took part in the annual AIJS Chess Tournament which was hosted by RJS yesterday afternoon. Four player teams representing six schools enjoyed four matches each, with a very high standard of chess on display. Each game was a ten minute speed chess match, with just ten seconds allowed for each move. This ...

  • KGA and KGB Enjoy 1st Fundraising Film Afternoon!
    1st February 2016

    KGA and KGB enjoyed an afternoon watching “Despicable Me” on Friday 29th January, the first of our fundraising events. Sincerest thanks to all of the parents who supervised the children and organised refreshments. We look forward to our next three Film Afternoons, starting with Form One and Two this Friday 5th February..

  • Winter Birds in Form Two!
    28th January 2016

    As part of our Winter Theme we have been learning about the two smallest birds in Ireland, the Goldcrest and the Wren. We learned a song called “Hunting The Wren,” which was traditionally sung in the Isle of Man on St. Stephen’s Day. We also performed a little play showing how the wren became the ...

  • Artzone Fun by Form One
    21st January 2016

    On Friday 8th January, Liam from Artzone came to our school to help us make polar bears out of clay. First we had to make the base. This involved lots of banging! Liam helped us by rolling the clay out with a rolling pin. Then we cut the base into a sort of semi-circle. Next we ...

  • “I am Special. I am Me!” by KGB
    15th January 2016

    f4iamd”I am special,as special as can be; No one in the world is just like me!” This week Kindergarten B have been learning about all the different ways we unique and special, as well as what it means to be part of a family. Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed together: 1, We made little mirrors ...

  • KGA Straw Art Fun!!
    8th January 2016

    This week in Kindergarten A we created some beautiful artwork by blowing colourful paint across paper using straws. We were only allowed to use the straws to move the paint so some of us had sore cheeks at the end!!! We each used a straw and watered-down paints. We had lots of fun and made ...

  • Christmas Traditions by Form Five
    8th January 2016

    Form Five don’t always agree on everything but we are definitely unanimous in ourr verdict that Christmas in RJS is our favourite time of year. We adore putting on our plays and love all the seasonal art and handwork we produce. We are also very aware of all the little traditions that make the atmosphere in ...

  • Form Six – “Gel” on Tour!!
    8th January 2016

    On December 18th and 19th Form Six took their play, “Gel”, on tour to Brabazon Nursing Home in Sandymount and Bloomfield in Stocking Lane. We had a great time performing the play two more times for different audiences and got a great reaction. It was really fun and wonderful way to finish the term. Please ...

  • Christmas Plays Gallery – Kindergartens A and B, Forms One and Two
    12th December 2015

    Congratulations to all our children on their wonderful performances in this year’s very successful season of Christmas plays – we are very proud of every one of them. Please scroll down to view a selection of photo collages re-living some highlights of all the shows from KGA through to Form Two: Kindergarten A: “The Nativity” Kindergarten ...

  • Chinese Tangrams by form Four
    9th December 2015

    During Maths class, Form Four have been learning to name different shapes & angles. In Art class we observed how different shapes of a Chinese tangram can be transformed into figures and animals. The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes called tans. There can be no overlapping between the forms. Form Four also ...

  • Christmas in Form Three
    3rd December 2015

    Tuesday, December 1st was a very busy and exciting day for Form Three. At 9.30 we launched the Christmas season with the Dress Rehearsal of our Christmas play – “The Pied Piper”. We were very excited and a little nervous, but thankfully everything went really well. When we returned to the classroom we read about the ...

  • Christmas Plays Gallery – Forms 3, 4, 5 & 6
    1st December 2015

    Congratulations to all our children on their wonderful performances in this year’s very successful season of Christmas plays – we are very proud of them. Please scroll down to view a selection of photo collages re-living some highlights of all these shows: Form Three “The Pied Piper”   Form Four “The Little Match Girl”   Form Five “Alice ...

  • Form Two’s 2D Shape Robots!
    26th November 2015

    Over the past week we have been learning about 2D shapes in Maths. We have been looking at circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, ovals and semi-circles. We used these shapes to design the robots you see in the picture. We also named the robots and wrote a story with them as the main character in our Creative ...

  • Marvellous Measuring in Form One!
    20th November 2015

    For the past week and a half, Form One have been measuring length. We learnt many different ways of measuring: using our hand span, strides, cubes, pencils, crayons, lollipop sticks and metre strings. We made sure our measuring units were all the same size so that our measurements were accurate; when we measured with pencils, we ...

  • Science Week in Kindergarten B
    13th November 2015

    This week we had so much fun in KGB doing lots of different science experiments. Monday was ‘Rainy Day Science’ – we made a cloud out of shaving foam, put blue food colouring on top of it and watched it rain. We learnt that when clouds get really heavy with water it rains! Tuesday was ‘Float or ...

  • Kindergarten A – Inspired by Degas!
    6th November 2015

    This week Kindergarten A have been learning all about a French artist called Edgar Degas. He was very famous for his wonderful paintings, sculptures and prints which he made over 100 years ago! We learnt how he especially loved to paint horses and ballet dancers. We read a story called “Degas and the Little Dancer” by ...

  • Form Six Sponsored Walk to Bushy Park
    22nd October 2015

    Form Six have a long tradition of going on a sponsored walk to Bushy Park to raise money for different charities every October. A few weeks ago we voted for two charities, Concern Worldwide and The Hogsprickle, from those pitches made by each member of Form Six. Concern is a charity that helps the poorest ...

  • “Finally we have finished counting!” by Form Five
    15th October 2015

    Over the past three weeks Form Five have been busy sorting and counting the notes and coins donated by everyone to our annual Copper Collection. This year, due to your exceptional generosity, it was a mammoth task. Part of our classroom became a counting house where people beavered away stacking and bagging coins. Some children loved ...

  • Form Four – Crepe Flowers!
    8th October 2015

    One of the all-time favourite beach activities that children enjoy in Belgium is the famous ‘Bloemenwinkel’ (which means ‘Flower Shop’). This is a popular tradition that has been ongoing for decades. Children make beautiful crepe paper flowers of every size and colour. They then arrange the flowers in the sand and wait for children from other ...

  • Form Three – Take a Leaf from Matisse!
    30th September 2015

    One of the first artists we have looked at in Form Three is Henri Matisse. Matisse was a French artist known for making colourful works of art. He used a variety of materials including oil paint, bronze and charcoal. As he became older Matisse was confined to a wheelchair and he began to work with brightly ...

  • Marvellous Roald Dahl Week in Form Two!
    24th September 2015

    It was Roald Dahl Day on 13th of September and to celebrate Form Two spent the week learning all about Roald Dahl’s life and reading some of his stories and poems. We also looked at the famous illustrations by Quentin Blake and painted our own pictures in his style. We also wrote our own stories inspired by ...

    17th September 2015

    In Art, Form One have been learning how to draw self-portraits like real artists! We started by drawing an oval shape. Then, lightly with our pencils, we drew a centre-line, an eye-line, a nose-line and a mouth-line. These lines showed us where our different features should go. When we had finished the drawings, we rubbed out ...

  • Friendship Crowns in KGB
    10th September 2015

    “Circle of Friends” We’ve joined together as classmates As the new year begins A year full of learning While we become friends We’ll share and be kind As we work and play And our friendship will grow With each passing day   This week we had great fun making friendship crowns in Art class. We decorated a chain of paper dolls holding hands to make ...

  • Welcome Kindergarten A!!
    4th September 2015

    Tuesday the 1st of September was a very special day in RJS. The new school year began and at 9:30 we welcomed our new Kindergarten A! All the children arrived with new bags, pencil cases and most importantly new lunch boxes! We all had a wonderful week settling into school life! Well done, KGA – we are ...