To create an atmosphere of love and caring which will make the transition from home to school a happy experience for young children where the basic principles of honesty, forgiveness, respect, consideration for others and their property become an ever increasing part of the children’s make-up. In addition to this we try to encourage an awareness of children in the wider world and a caring attitude towards all people.

To foster a desire for knowledge and a pride in achievement without grades, prizes or undue emphasis on competition, and to encourage friendly communication between pupil and teacher.

To appreciate all pupils equally and to help them to discover and develop their own individual gifts thereby building up self-awareness and confidence.

To develop the idea of self-discipline and of accepting others in a group. To learn tolerance and to see the good in everyone.

To encourage and develop intellectual, physical, emotional and creative skills in the children on which to build throughout their lives.

To maintain the tradition in the school of a love of handwork and art, as the joy of creativity makes for a more fulfilled and happy childhood.