‘My two daughters attend RJS having moved recently from another primary school. Thanks to the family atmosphere apparent in RJS, they were warmly welcomed by both students and teachers alike. As a parent, I have noticed such a positive change in my daughters and attribute this to the fact that RJS values a holistic education. In tandem with traditional academic teaching, the arts are highly valued. Furthermore, there appears to be a strong emphasis on teamwork and oral presentation of work and I have noticed my daughters’ confidence improving as a result. Friendships are encouraged and fostered and children are valued for who they are, allowing their personalities to shine. My older daughter thanks me every day for moving her to RJS. I asked her what the main difference between RJS and her previous mainstream primary school is. She replied, “the teachers treat us like mature human beings and respect us as individuals here”. She noted that pupils in the older classes of RJS are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, and it is clear that by 6th class the pupils are well-rounded and thoroughly prepared for second level education’. Parent, January 2022

‘RJS is a unique and special school which gives children much more than education. It builds confidence in the children and creates a family feel where the children are encouraged to be the best version of themselves. The benefits are subtle at first but having being a parent in the school for 13 years I can vouch that this school goes the extra mile all the time. The multiple school trips, the drama classes, the hockey, the swimming, the chess, the presentation skills training are just some of the highlights for my children in the school. The friends that both we as parents have made with other parents and that our children have made is the icing on the cake!’ Parent, February 2021

‘RJS is a special place where children feel safe, guided and well prepared for life ahead – they’re always happy to go through those red doors into RJS’. Parent, February 2021.

‘RJS has provided a positive, caring environment for our son. He’s really sad to be leaving but I feel the school and the teachers and support staff have shaped him and prepared him for the next stage. There is a lovely atmosphere behind the red doors and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to new parents’. Parent, February 2021

‘The online learning platform has proven to be supportive, and incredibly helpful. I can’t believe how much my daughter has advanced since moving to RJS- even if it’s presently via the current online platform it has been great. Thank you for the undoubted effort and work put into this resource’. Parent, February 2021.

‘I’ve heard that a lot of primary schools are offering very limited virtual support but RJS has put together a well thought out plan and schedule. The live classes are working and while not like ‘the real thing’ it’s really getting us through this current phase. I feel that a lot of background work has been carried out and that everything possible is being done to make virtual learning work’. Parent, February 2021.

‘The school is handling the current situation very well, with a good balance of zoom classes, assignments and free time’. Parent, February 2021.

‘RJS have really come up trumps with online learning. The teachers have put in huge effort to make it fun and the children are getting so much out of the daily interaction with their class mates and teachers. My three children are engaged from 9am to 12 noon each day with live zoom classes (with additional optional activities also provided on seesaw). There are lots of choices regarding volume of work and it makes such a difference to be taught by their teachers each day rather than their parents. Lots of my friends have their children in national schools where in some cases only one zoom class per week is being offered (if at all). I feel so lucky to have my children in RJS. It makes a huge difference‘. Parent, February 2021

‘Since the very beginning of the first lockdown, the commitment from all of the staff at RJS to the kids has been phenomenal. The teachers have been incredibly proactive, diligent and creative in finding ways of connecting with the kids, keeping them engaged and at the centre of the online school experience. Their commitment has made the transition to online learning pretty smooth and they go the extra mile on a daily basis to ensure that it works for the kids. As full-time working parents, we’ve found RJS, as always, so supportive, understanding the balancing act we perform each day and working with us to get it as right as we can. We’re very proud to be part of the RJS family’. Parent, February 2021

‘RJS has really excelled in their response to Covid-19, from preparations in the school building, rejigging timetables, adapting their after school activities so they could still go ahead, to ensuring parents are kept well informed.  I always felt my children were as safe as possible in school. Weekly communication from teachers with timetables and clear guidelines really helps us plan how to manage the children whilst we are working from home. The children love going online, interacting with their peers and with their teachers. I’m blown away at how well the younger children are engaged in particular. There seems to be a whole school approach which provides consistency and clarity and makes things easier, having children in different classes. The school has tried to make the children’s online learning experience as simple, enjoyable and as beneficial as possible.  Teachers have been creative in their lessons and always do their best to make sure no child is left behind’. Parent, February 2021

‘My children thoroughly love being at RJS. The small class sizes mean the teachers are able to spend more time with each child and really get to know them and how they learn. RJS encourages children’s individuality and the many extra-curricular activities and in school hidden curriculum activities, offers the children so many opportunities to develop their imagination, creativity, artistic, linguistic and musical skills. There is an active Parents’ Committee who support the school. Morning Assembly gives the children a wonderful opportunity to share their news, to present class assemblies and even to bring in their pets! My children are very happy in RJS and we are very grateful to be part of the RJS family’. Parent, February 2021

‘RJS has provided an excellent online learning platform for my two daughters. As younger children, they have really benefited from having the interaction on zoom everyday with their teacher and classmates. The teachers and the school have gone above and beyond to adjust to the school during lockdown and we are really grateful for all their hard work in organising such successful online learning.’ Parent, February 2021

‘The online teaching offering is excellent. Teachers are extremely well prepared and enthusiastic. The children are happy and it has made my life less stressful.’ Parent, February 2021

‘We are delighted with the online learning platform at RJS. It is exactly the right length and very well supported by the form teacher who is available for extra help if required. The zoom sessions create a structure and routine for the day which is critical for this age group. The form teacher offers a timetable for the week which has been very useful in our house as we are not able to attend all of the Zoom sessions.’ Parent, February 2021