Useful Information

Morning supervision

We know that many parents are under pressure to get to work in the mornings; therefore access to the school is provided  by staff for all classes commences from 8.30am every morning. Morning Assembly for Forms 1-6 begins at 8.50am.

During Covid we have implemented staggered arrival and departure times for all students to allow for social distancing between pods.


There are interactive white-boards in every classroom.  These provide a wonderful resource to enrich the learning experience of the children in every class.


Neat dress is expected but school uniform is not required. For senior hockey matches navy shorts/skirt or tracksuit, with pale blue Airtex shirt should be worn. Gym shoes are essential for P.E.

The RJS Games sweater should be worn as much as possible for games. Suitable bags must be brought for carrying books, lunches and footwear. It is requested that all property be clearly named.


A snack lunch should be brought for 11.00 break. When pupils are in school after 13.00 they should bring a packed lunch. We ask parents to encourage healthy, balanced eating habits.

Absence from School

The Principal should be informed of the reason for any absence. Parents are notified immediately when cases of infectious diseases occur in the school.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

An afternoon is arranged during both autumn and spring terms for private discussion between parents and teachers. Other times may be arranged by appointment. Individual reports are sent out at the end of the winter and summer terms.


The RJS policy of assigning homework is supported by a number of sound educational principles:

  • To reinforce what is learned during the day in the classroom
  • To help the child develop responsibility, perseverance, concentration skills, self-discipline and time management
  • To instil a work ethic
  • To help children grow in their independence by being able to successfully complete assigned tasks with a minimum of direct help
  • To provide a link between the classroom and the home.

Contact the School Office for further information