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Rathgar Junior School is nestled between Rathgar and Rathmines, at 62-63 Grosvenor Road, Dublin 6. The school was founded by Isabel Douglas in 1919 and celebrated its centenary last year.

Rathgar Junior School believes that at its heart lie the children: they breathe life into the building every day. The staff strive to create an atmosphere of love and caring, where school is a happy experience for the children and where the basic principles of respect, honesty, forgiveness and consideration for others and their property are central. Rathgar Junior School is non-denominational but is founded on the Quaker ethos.

RJS is a community, where children’s physical and intellectual powers are developed, giving them a desire for knowledge through arousing their interest and helping them find pleasure in work itself. Children are encouraged to use their initiative and to drive their own learning through questioning and exploration.

RJS is an independent school which teaches the National Curriculum and has a rich, extra, hidden curriculum, designed to inspire the children and to develop their creativity and imagination. It has eight classes from Kindergarten A (Junior Infants) through to Form 6 and an experienced Resource team. School Support Plans are developed in a holistic way, and aim to scaffold learning so that children who need extra support experience success and build up their confidence. We have specialist Irish, Music and French teachers and a variety of instrumental teachers who offer lessons during the school day.

RJS is a fee-paying school and receives no financial support from the Department of Education. The school is a member of the Association of Independent Junior Schools.  Rathgar Junior School is a registered Limited company, a not-for-profit organisation, which has charitable status. The school has 4 Directors who are members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and 4 members of the Board of Management who support in the running of the school.  Rathgar Junior School is  managed by the Principal, Charles Chambers, and is supported by a very active Parents’ Committee.

Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20011451